5 Favorite Charcuterie Recipes

Are you cooking with charcuterie? You might be doing it and not even thinking about it. Bacon and eggs…pizza with sausage or pepperoni…stuffing with sausage. All are examples of using charcuterie in everyday food.

Charcuterie – smoked, cured or cooked meat – is showing up everywhere. At D’Artagnan, we’ve been making charcuterie for more than 30 years, with time-honored techniques, recipes, and all-natural ingredients. We offer a full range of styles and flavors, and our charcuterie is a favorite among restaurants, retailers, and home cooks.

So we take charcuterie pretty seriously, and we like to find new ways to enjoy it. Here are a few of our favorite recipes featuring charcuterie. We hope you will try some of them.

Fig & Prosciutto Tart

Our tart is as easy to make as it is beautiful and delicious. In this recipe, salty French prosciutto (we call it Jambon de Bayonne) pairs perfectly with creamy mascarpone and sweet figs. If figs aren’t in season, replace them with ripe stone fruits for equally tasty results. Served at room temperature, this tart is ideal for a party, picnic, or decadent snack anytime.


Chorizo and Potato Hash with Eggs

A little spice, a little decadence, and a lot of flavor … this recipe has it all.  It’s super easy to make and will satisfy the heartiest of appetites. Spicy chorizo sausage brings the heat, and duck fat is the secret to getting perfectly crispy, golden brown potatoes…so don’t skimp on it!  Not just for breakfast or brunch, this dish also makes a fun dinner when served with a little salad.


Grilled Andouille & Spicy Shrimp Kabobs

Charcuterie on the grill is a great option for summer entertaining. In this quick kabob recipe each juicy shrimp hugs a chunk of Cajun-style andouille sausage. Brush the kabobs with a spicy, seasoned oil for an extra punch of flavor.


Orzo with Bacon, Morels and Fava Beans

Perfect for spring, this decadent recipe comes together quickly and makes a great side dish for lamb, pork, chicken, or veal. Applewood smoked bacon complements our favorite spring produce, fresh fava beans and morel mushrooms, while lemon zest and black truffle butter add layers of flavor.


Kale & Pancetta Galette with Truffle Butter Crust

This rustic, free-form galette is packed with garlicky sautéed kale, shallots, and crispy pancetta … or ventrèche in French. Black truffle butter and almond flour make a flaky, tender crust and add another dimension of flavor. If kale isn’t your thing, you can substitute other leafy greens, such as rainbow chard, collards, or beet tops. If kale is your thing, check out this recipe for duck fat kale chips. Warning: they are addictive.


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