7 Charcuterie Recipes to Make Right Now

We love eating charcuterie and find reasons to cook with it often. Charcuterie describes a very practical process – preserving all the parts of an animal – and a category of edible delights. Fully cooked, cured or smoked meat, charcuterie is easy fast food, but also a useful ingredient in recipes. Read on for 7 tasty recipes that showcase charcuterie. 

How to Make Ham & Cheese Sandwiches like the French

In order to cook like the French, you need the right ingredients. For instance, our bistro ham – an unsmoked variety made with Berkshire pork. Bistro ham – sometimes called jambon de Paris (literally Paris ham) –  is a specialty of French charcuterie and a fixture in casual eateries. This is the unique ham used in sandwiches like croque monsieur and madame, as well as other French favorites. That’s why our bistro ham is required eating. Read on for 5 French sandwich recipes you can enjoy with our bistro ham.

Find Out How Easy it Can be to Cook with Charcuterie

Charcuterie is the cornerstone of a good life. This French word refers to any meat product that is smoked, cured or cooked. Familiar items like bacon, sausage, ham, and salami would all fit in this category, as would pâté, confit, and terrine. You can eat many types of charcuterie right from the package, or use them as starring ingredients when cooking. These 5 simple recipes with charcuterie are comfort food classics you’ll crave. 

The Best Liver and Onion Sandwich You’ll Ever Have

This isn’t an ordinary liver and onions recipe. You can make our sandwich with chicken and turkey liver mousse – and blanched asparagus – in 15 minutes. Just because you don’t have a lot of time doesn’t mean you should compromise on quality. Turn to our charcuterie line for ready-to-eat options that are easy to use in recipes like this one. Read on for a satisfying sandwich that’s way better than take-out.

5 Ways To Cook With Charcuterie and Make Life Better

Think outside the board with these recipes that feature charcuterie as a main or complementary ingredient. While ready-to-eat charcuterie is great on its own, it’s also an ideal flavor booster, offering rich umami notes to a variety of dishes. Read on for 5 satisfying charcuterie recipes. 

5 Summery Ways to Cook with Charcuterie

Charcuterie is ready-to-eat and super convenient – great to have in the fridge all summer for impromptu gatherings and easy meals. But it’s also perfect for cooking.  We all want simple dishes for casual dining and backyard parties, and charcuterie can help. Shop charcuterie at dartagnan.com and get cooking!

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Your Summer Parties Need These 5 Easy Charcuterie & Seafood Recipes

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Easy Everyday Cooking: Go Around the World with 5 Charcuterie Recipes

Are you cooking with charcuterie? Most likely you use smoked, cured and cooked meats in recipes without much thought. Consider a simple ham-and-cheese sandwich, pizza with sausage, bacon and eggs, melon wrapped in prosciutto – all examples of charcuterie in our daily lives. Charcuterie is a favorite around the world, and below we share 5…

Snacks for Emmy Awards Viewing

If you’re watching the Emmy Awards on Sunday night, what will you be eating? We like a quick, easy and elegant charcuterie plate for entertaining and snacking (plus it goes so well with wine). To learn more about how to lay out the perfect plate, read our post about a well-balanced charcuterie board. Add a…

Recipes for a Summer’s Day

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