Cooking Our Grass-fed Beef Short Ribs

Not just for braising in the oven, our beautiful, grass-fed short ribs are the ultimate cut for smoking. The process helps break down the collagen in this nutrient-dense cut and will lead to tender fall-off-the-bone beef that melts in your mouth. Check out the method and try it in your backyard soon.

How to Bake Focaccia with Fiddlehead Ferns

We found an unbeatable combination – fiddlehead ferns and focaccia. The edible fiddlehead fern is one of the early signs of spring, with the coiled green shoots appearing on the barren forest floor and announcing the change of season. But they are only around for a very brief time – and go in and out…

Welcome Spring!

Each year, we are excited anew to see the first ramps, fiddlehead ferns, and morel mushrooms arrive in the warehouse. These green and fragrant products are definite signs that spring is here. Our chef clients clamor to be the first to put these foraged delights on the menu. After the supply steadies, our home cooks can expect ramps, fiddlehead…

A Simple Venison Chili You’ll Love

For many people, their first venison experience is with ground meat. That’s because most venison is hunted and ground up, frozen, and enjoyed over the winter. Not so with our premium New Zealand venison. Farm raised in nearly wild conditions, the red deer get a diet of nutritious grasses and roam vast, pristine pastures. This…

Presidential Palates: What did Past POTUS Like to Eat?

Happy Presidents Day! We’ve done extensive internet research on presidential preferences in food. As a result, we now have a game plan in case any of our presidents come over for dinner. Read on for some fun insights into the favorite foods of our presidents – along with some recipes.

Do You Wonder What D’Artagnan Staffers Like to Cook?

We talked to some of the dads at D’Artagnan to see what they’re cooking for Father’s Day this year. With access to all the great products in the catalog, our enthusiastic, food-loving staffers are a good place to go for recommendations.  Read on for inspiration for your own summer menus. 

What is the Story Behind the Name D’Artagnan?

There’s a reason that Ariane Daguin chose the name D’Artagnan (pronounced dar-TAN-yan) when she founded her company in 1985. It may seem like an unusual choice for an American company that is known for high-quality proteins sourced from small farms. Read on for the story, which involves musketeers, ducks, and derring-do. 

Why Should You Get Tickets to the Cassoulet War in NYC?

The reasons are clear: this is the tastiest event of the season and you will get to sample 24 different versions of cassoulet, mingle with chefs, drink French wine and argue over which cassoulet is best – all while benefiting Action Against Hunger.  Join us on February 18th, 2019, as 24 chefs battle for cassoulet supremacy in our 5th…

Employee Spotlight: Meet 2 Staffers Celebrating 25 Years at D’Artagnan

Recently we celebrated two D’Artagnan employees who have each worked with the company for 25 years. Ariane Daguin, owner and CEO, and Andy Wertheim, President of D’Artagnan, held an office party to thank them for their years of service (and give them both large TVs!). It’s not every company that has employees with that kind of longevity,…

What’s Cooking on Instagram?

We’re always looking at food. If you like to see beautiful plates that inspire to you either cook, or head for your favorite restaurant, Instagram is the place to be. Below are some highlights from chef posts to Instagram – using our products, of course – to whet your appetite. Join us on Instagram for a view…

Best 2-Ingredient Recipe: Easy Garlic Confit

Whip up a batch of this garlic confit to keep in the refrigerator and add to just about anything.  Ariane loves this trick,  and would tell you it’s one of her little secrets in the kitchen. The super simple, 2-ingredient recipe provides soft, fragrant cloves of garlic, perfect for potatoes, bread, pasta, or pizza. After a […]

What is Umami?

Umami (pronounced /oo-mäme/) is a relatively new term. It’s a Japanese loan-word referring the fifth taste, completing the revamped five-taste model alongside salty, sweet, sour and bitter. The mysterious word which as of late has been popping up frequently in food writing, blogs, restaurant menus, and cooking shows, describes a taste you are no doubt […]