These New Cuts are Worthy of Your Bacon Obsession

Is there any sweeter word than bacon?! At D’Artagnan, we take bacon very seriously. All our bacon offerings are made with heritage-breed pork belly that’s been single-smoked over real wood chips. Made the old-fashioned way – without artificial nitrates, nitrites or preservatives added – you’ll fall for this full-flavored bacon in a big way. Read on for two new varieties.

How to Make the Best Baked Beans with Bacon

Baked beans are a comfort food staple and a favorite with BBQ. Our tasty recipe for slow-baked beans is a great way to use some legumes from your pantry stash, and learn how to weave bacon at the same time (does that count as a crafting project?).  Granted, the bacon weave is optional, but we highly recommend it. Read on for the recipe.

If You Like Bacon, You’ll Love this Thick-Cut Bacon

Have you ever looked at bacon and thought “this could be thicker”? We know the feeling. Our new, thick-cut applewood smoked bacon is made with heritage breed pork and comes in a generous pack of 2.5 lbs. Now that’s how you do bacon. Read on for details about this epic bacon.

Are You Missing Out on Grilled Bacon?

Can bacon be made on the grill? Yes – if done with care. But you can’t just throw strips of bacon on a hot grill; that will create dramatic flare-ups as the bacon fat renders. You will end up with charred bacon, or worse, bacon ash. Done correctly, grilled bacon is smoky, delicious and just the right amount of crispy. Read our tips for grilling bacon below, and start a new backyard tradition.

What Should I Do With Slab Bacon?

If you’re asking yourself this question, then you’ve come to the right place. Slab bacon is just bacon in its natural state – whole, smoked pork belly before it’s sliced into familiar bacon strips. The best part about slab bacon is that you can slice it how you like: thick, ultra-thin, or cube it for lardons….

Cook Your Best With These Holiday Helpers

What every cook wants is a little help in the kitchen this time of year. The best we can offer are these holiday workhorses which will make every recipe better. This collection consists of pantry staples like truffle butter, fresh and dried mushrooms, demi-glace, duck fat, fully-cooked chestnuts, French olive oil, and more. Here are…

Bacon Pecan Sticky Buns with Maple Caramel Recipe

We’re firm believers in the adage, “Everything tastes better with bacon.” These ooey-gooey sticky buns are a prime example. They are the perfect weekend baking project, and will fill your house with the irresistible combination of cinnamon and bacon. These sticky buns combine a beautifully soft, springy dough with toasted pecans, maple caramel, and our famous…

6 Recipes: Labor Day with a Side of Bacon

We’ve come to the conclusion that bacon is the secret ingredient to happiness. So as you send off summer this Labor Day, be sure to add a little bacon to the menu. Whatever you are serving – burgers and dogs, BBQ ribs, whole roasted pig – there’s room for bacon on the table. Read on for winning bacon recipes.

More Bacon to Love on National Bacon Lover’s Day

Brace yourself, bacon holidays are coming. Today is not International Bacon Day (that’s September 2), nor is it National Bacon Day (December 30). Today, August 20th, is set aside as National Bacon Lover’s Day. So this day is for appreciating those who love bacon (and who among us does not?). Aside from the obvious methods…

Tomato Season Means One Thing …

Bacon. Lettuce. Tomato. Are there three words more evocative in the English language? These simple ingredients when piled together on bread with mayonnaise become the BLT, that classic and beloved sandwich. Just in time for National Sandwich Month, our friends at Tom Colicchio’s ‘Wichcraft in NYC have announced their BLT is back! Their double-decker sandwich features D’Artagnan…

Our Secret to the Best Lobster Roll

The lobster roll is an iconic summer sandwich, but it invites debate. There are two kinds of lobster rolls, each with very staunch camps supporting them. The Maine style is served cold, with a light dressing of mayonnaise, and the Connecticut style is served warm with melted butter. Which one is your pick? Read on for more about this iconic sandwich – and make your own.