Is This the Best Chicken You Can Eat?

Esteemed French Chef Antoine Westermann recently opened his first New York City restaurant.  It’s called Le Coq Rico: The Bistro of Beautiful Birds. And when you want beautiful birds, D’Artagnan is the place to find them.

NY Post Chicken Article

Steve Cuozzo’s article in the NY Post tells how Chef Antoine met with Ariane and tasted many chickens to get the perfect bird for his bistro. Ariane developed a unique program with our Mennonite farmers to create a bird of rich flavor, much like the poultry served in France. Our PA farm now raises heritage breed chickens to 120 days of age specifically for Le Coq Rico.

Here are a few photos from the first tasting at our former Newark, NJ office.

l-r: Pierre Moreira, The Westermanns, Ariane, Robert Arbor
Ariane and Chef Antoine prepping the 4 chickens for the oven.
Ariane and Chef Antoine prepping the 4 chickens for the oven.
4 types of chickens being prepped
Look at the variation in color.  Simply seasoned with salt, pepper and Reserve Jean Reno Olive Oil.
Removal from Oven
Chef Antoine working fast! Hot chickens right out of the oven.
Plate of chicken
A plate of chicken – with lovely crispy skin.
There is always wine at a tasting in Ariane’s office.

We are proud to work with Chef Antoine and the farmers to get a chicken that is just right for Le Coq Rico. A beautiful bird, indeed.

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