5 Poultry Recipes that will Make Small Meals Special

Making a smaller meal this holiday season? Choose an alternative to a turkey at the center of the table and make duck, quail, chicken, or guinea hen. No matter how many people are gathered we have recipes to make the meal a memorable one – at the holidays or even a weeknight dinner.

3 Recipes That Will Make You Crave Duck Legs

Duck legs don’t always get the appreciation they deserve. But that’s about to change. Our Pekin duck legs are just right for a single serving. They are tender in texture and mild in flavor, with skin that crisps up beautifully. Read on to learn more, and get the recipes.

What is the Best Way to Grill Duck Breast?

Are you afraid to grill duck breast? Never fear, we have an easy method. This recipe includes lavender beets and pickled blackberries, making it perfect for summer entertaining. No grill? No worries, you can easily adapt this to the traditional pan-searing technique. Read on and learn how to make this easy and beautiful dish. 

Watch and Make this Edible Flag to Celebrate the Fourth

In honor of Independence Day, Ariane created an edible American flag for carnivores. Consider this an antidote to all the red-white-and-blue pies, tarts, and cakes you’ll see on Instagram for the holiday. Watch our video and learn to make this simple duck and chicken roulade (with a special – totally natural – ingredient). 

You’ll Love Making These 5 Super-Easy Duck Recipes

Tired of chicken? Try having duck for dinner. These dishes using our ready-to-eat duck charcuterie are so simple they shouldn’t even be called recipes. From refreshing salads to unique sandwiches, these weeknight heroes are your summer saviors. Read on for the ridiculously easy answer to “what’s for dinner?”

These Chef Dishes from Instagram will Make You Crave Duck

We love looking at food. If you’re like us and want to see beautiful plates created by chefs, Instagram is the place to be. Read on for some highlights of what our chefs are posting – using D’Artagnan products, of course – to whet your appetite. Join us on Instagram for a view into the many professional and home kitchens that serve D’Artagnan. Fair warning: these pictures will make you hungry.

10 Ways to Make a Turkey-Free Meal for Thanksgiving

Tired of turkey? Are you looking for something different to serve on Thanksgiving? Maybe you have guests who aren’t fond of turkey or who have more adventurous palates and yearn to eat something new. The purpose of the holiday is to gather, be thankful and share a festive meal. Read on to choose a main dish…

Meet the Chef: An Interview with Ryan Ratino of Bresca

At D’Artagnan we celebrate with our chefs when they receive accolades. Recently we were delighted to congratulate Ryan Ratino, the chef/owner of Bresca in Washington, D.C. on his first Michelin star. Read on for more about this young chef and his imaginative menu, including a pressed duck dish. That’s right, Ariane’s antique duck press has been…

The Best Ways to Eat Duck

We’ve got a thing for duck … and love all the tasty parts. If you feel the same way, read on to learn how each of the cuts can be eaten – from foie gras and duck breast to duck charcuterie of all kinds. These days nose-to-tail eating is all the rage and has become a…

This New Product is a Best-Kept Secret You’ll Love

We’d like to introduce you to a secret cut from the duck breast: the tender. This narrow strip of duck breast is so tender that a chef usually removes it to enjoy in the kitchen, which is why you rarely see them served at restaurants. The little filet is easily removed by hand and is a delicious…