Holiday Workhorse: Black Truffle Butter

Black … truffle … butter. The words alone have the power to induce salivation. And while black truffle butter is a year-round kitchen staple, it’s versatility is especially appreciated during the holidays.

5 Ways to Use Truffle Butter on Thanksgiving

1. Truffled Turkey

Beginning with the turkey itself, truffle butter plays an essential role in our Thanksgiving feast. That’s because we cram truffle butter under the skin before we roast the turkey.

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Watch Ariane show you how to slide disks of the earthy, creamy concoction under the skin of a turkey for an out-of-this-world delicious bird.

2. Truffle Rolls

Truffle Butter Parker House Rolls are soft, squishy, golden and downright irresistible. The truffle butter is baked right as well as brushed on top. Make extra; these will be gobbled up quickly.


3. Truffle Potatoes

Truffle butter and potatoes were made for each other. This recipe is inspired by the classic Joël Robuchon mashed potato recipe which calls for equal parts potato and butter (!). Garlic cloves slow-cooked in duck fat are added, along with a generous amount of black truffle butter for intensely earthy and rich potatoes. The fresh truffles on top are optional, but very delicious.


4. Chestnuts & Truffle Butter

Chestnuts are not just for roasting over an open fire. We love these sweet, fully-cooked nuts any time of the year. But when Thanksgiving comes, we sauté chestnuts with walnuts, fennel and pearl onions in black truffle butter for this delightful side dish.

Confit of Fresh Chestnuts, Walnuts, Fennel and Onions - TA 11-10-10_51.jpg

  1. Truffle Cheese Puffs

Classic gougères are already a cocktail hour favorite, but they make a lovely addition to appetizer course of your holiday meal. Gougères are basically cheese puffs, made with pâte àchoux dough. When you add our black truffle butter, as in our recipe, they become completely irresistible.


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