Don’t Miss Out on the Best Turkey for Thanksgiving

These are the last days to order a fresh D’Artagnan turkey and have it delivered to your doorstep before the big day. Our turkeys are featured on menus at many restaurants across the nation, and you can Thanksgiving like a pro with a D’Artagnan turkey on your table. Read on to choose the right bird

Are You Considering a Heritage Turkey for the Holiday?

Is a heritage turkey the right one for your table? These birds offer deep, old-fashioned flavor like our great-grandparents enjoyed. Read on to learn about why old-breed turkeys are showing up at more holiday meals than ever. 

How to Choose a Turkey for Your Thanksgiving Table

There are a lot of turkeys available for your Thanksgiving dinner. Which one is right for you? No matter which you choose, all D’Artagnan turkeys come from small farms that raise the birds free-range, with care, and no antibiotics or hormones. Read on to learn about the turkeys we offer at D’Artagnan. 

How to Build a Better Burger with Turkey

Are you looking to make a lean but tasty burger? Try our ground turkey. Raised right on small Amish farms, it just tastes better. With a balanced blend of dark thigh and lean white meat, it provides rich flavor moist turkey while remaining lean. Learn more about our turkey with Ariane in this video, then try our recipes below.

Turkey Carving Tips that Will Make You Look Like a Pro

So much time is spent planning the cooking for Thanksgiving, but there’s also the carving and serving of the turkey to consider. Once the bird is done roasting, there’s a flurry of activity while it rests (you do let the turkey rest?) and you pull everything else together. That is not the time to start…

Why You Should Spatchcock Your Turkey This Year

Why would you spatchcock your turkey? Besides being really fun to say, spatchcocking cuts cooking time substantially, freeing up the oven – and the cook – on the busiest kitchen day of the year. This is an especially good method if you prefer to bring a platter of carved meat to the table, or are setting…

What is Turkey Brining? And Should You Do It?

When it comes to preparing Thanksgiving turkeys, there are two camps: the briners and the anti-briners. Which one are you? What is brining anyway? Simply submerging meat in a solution of salt and water for many hours before cooking. This enhances the meat’s ability to retain moisture and tenderness while seasoning it. Of course, when…

How to Make the Best Choice for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is all about cooking and eating. So how will you choose the best bird for the center of your feast? Read on for a short introduction to your many choices at, from organic, heritage and wild turkeys to alternatives like capon and goose. Because we work with small farms, we have a limited supply of…

The Ultimate Turkey with Truffles is Now Available

We’ve got something new to share. This fully-cooked turkey breast with truffles is the latest item to join our charcuterie line. Most of us won’t roast a turkey until Thanksgiving, but we still enjoy that turkey flavor, particularly of the breast, all year long. Now we can have tender turkey breast with a luxurious twist anytime…

Get Your Goose: Pre-Order Holiday Birds

Planning your Christmas feast? We are taking pre-orders for holiday birds – goose, capon or turkey – now and will ship orders for delivery in the days leading up to the holiday. Check our website for specific dates. The Classic Christmas Goose From ancient times to the modern-day, the goose looms large in culinary circles. Our…

Thanksgiving Help: Download Our Turkey Roasting Guide

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner can be an intimidating task, especially if you aren’t experienced. How often do we get to practice roasting a turkey? With the large turkey taking up so much time in the oven and all the side dishes to orchestrate, it’s no wonder the average home cook can be overwhelmed by the task….

Making Thanksgiving Dinner for a Small Party

Hosting a smaller group for Thanksgiving? You may not want to roast a whole turkey, but rather a turkey breast. Or perhaps make a special occasion roast like this Crackling Roast Porcelet Rack with Fennel & Apples. Here are a few holiday-appropriate recipes that will serve 4 to 6 people. Start with the main dish decision, and then…