5 Poultry Recipes that will Make Small Meals Special

Making a smaller meal this holiday season? Choose an alternative to a turkey at the center of the table and make duck, quail, chicken, or guinea hen. No matter how many people are gathered we have recipes to make the meal a memorable one – at the holidays or even a weeknight dinner.

1. Poussins au Riesling

This elegant recipe for two involves braising young chicken with white wine, mushrooms, and bacon. It’s a supremely comforting dish and is based on Coq au Riesling. Serve one bird per person, and add another as needed to serve your gathering. Mashed Yukon golds and a nice salad make it a meal.

2. Oven-Braised Guinea Hen

In this easy recipe that serves 2 – 3 people, richly flavorful guinea hen is braised with herbs, root vegetables, and fortified stock. A quick blast of heat at the end of cooking crisps the skin. It’s like a special occasion roasted chicken.

3. Black Truffle Roasted Chicken

Here’s a luxurious twist on a simple roast chicken – and our favorite way to prepare turkey. Just apply the principle to one of our whole chickens to serve 3-4 people. To make this magic, our black truffle butter and fresh black truffle slices (optional, but delicious!) are layered under the skin creating an ultra-juicy bird that’s full of truffle flavor.

4. Easy Roast Whole Duck

There’s something special about roasting a whole duck. Take the time to score the skin in this easy recipe – it will help to render fat and crisp the skin nicely. We used our signature Rohan™ duck for this simple recipe that allows all the naturally rich ducky flavor to shine. Add your own aromatics or spices to customize. A whole duck should serve 3 – 4.

5. Roast Quail with Apples & Pecans

This roasted quail recipe with cornbread can be enjoyed year-round, but we like it in the fall with tart apple to play into seasonal flavors. Our semi-boneless quail are easy to stuff and will cook up quickly. We usually recommend one per person as an appetizer, but if quail is your main course, double that.

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