5 Poultry Recipes that will Make Small Meals Special

Making a smaller meal this holiday season? Choose an alternative to a turkey at the center of the table and make duck, quail, chicken, or guinea hen. No matter how many people are gathered we have recipes to make the meal a memorable one – at the holidays or even a weeknight dinner.

10 Unique Recipes to Make Carnivore Month More Exciting

Let’s get to the meat of the matter. Whether your resolutions took you on a keto, Whole30, paleo or carnivore path, we have great recipes featuring different proteins. Some may be unfamiliar – or occasional treats – to you, but World Carnivore Month is a good time to vary the menu. The simple preparations include classics like bacon-wrapped filet mignon and chicken under a brick, as well as rabbit confit and venison tri-tip. Read on for 10 meat-centric recipes and try something new.  

Are You Grilling Quail this Summer? Time to Make this Salad

Are you looking for something new to grill? Try our semi-boneless quail which are super easy – and quick cooking – for summer parties or dinners for two. Once grilled, these tender little quail are served on a salad of juicy peaches, sweet berries, sugar snap peas and creamy ricotta with a tart French vinaigrette in our recipe. Read on for the details. 

How to Best Enjoy Your Springtime Farmers Market Haul

Are you enjoying the first greens from the farmers market? Fresh ramps with dirt still clinging to their roots, coiled garlic scapes and crisp fava beans are all signs that spring is here. Depending on your location, some of these early seasonal greens will be available now – or soon! Read on for the perfect proteins to make your farmers market haul into a meal.

Are You Missing Out On This 5-Star Quail?

Our exclusive French quail has been attracting attention – and 5-star reviews. It consistently ranks on the top 10 list of customer’s favorite products at dartagnan.com. Easy to cook – with many techniques and in any season – fun to serve, and delicious to eat, quail is the “it” bird. Read on to find out more.

Find Out How People Who Love Quail are Cooking It

Curious about quail? Find out why so many people write 5-star reviews for this tiny but tasty bird. Quail works in any season and can be made quickly on the grill, in the oven, or even on the stove-top. Our semi-boneless quail consistently ranks in the top-10 favorite products at dartagnan.com. Read on for 3 simple quail recipes…

Fowl Language: All About Game Birds

Have you experienced game birds yet? What are you waiting for? Get in the game! Game birds are smaller – and quicker cooking – than chicken; plus they offer richer flavors and a change from the monotony of everybody’s favorite bird. D’Artagnan has offered fresh game birds since the early days. Back then, Ariane, the…

Cooking Quail on Instagram

Are you following us on Instagram? We love to see what’s cooking – in both pro and home kitchens. We noticed some lovely quail dishes being posted by our chefs and clients, and we wanted to share them with you. Follow us on Instagram to see fresh cuts like these every day. Please share your own kitchen…

Quail is the New Chicken

In recent years the noble chicken has been making more backyard appearances, as the interest in well-raised food grows. With websites full of how-to advice, including the inspirational 2,500+ photos of coops at Backyard Chickens, it has never been easier to become an urban farmer and eat fresh eggs for breakfast. But there is a…

A D’Artagnan Exclusive: The Super Quail

Here’s something unique for the game bird enthusiast: French Quail. In many ways, this is a super quail. Larger (twice the size!) and tastier (twice the flavor!) than the average quail. All of this, and French too! Many of our chef clients are serving French Quail to rave reviews. Some of these chefs shared their impressions…

Duckspotting @ Destination Dogs, New Brunswick, NJ

Duckspotting is snapping & sending in pics of dishes from your favorite restaurants, made with D’Artagnan ingredients! We supply restaurants all over the country & love to see what creative chefs are doing with our products. Keep sending them in! Where: Destination Dogs What: Chef John Durna’s Quail and Roasted Wild Mushroom Sausage Topped with Baby…

All About Quail

Quail is a collective name for several genera of small, plump birds in the pheasant family. Species or subspecies of the genus Coturnix are native to all continents except the Americas. The Pharaoh, or Coturnix coturnix, quail are of Eurasian stock (found in Asia, Africa and Europe), and are migratory upland birds that travel in large bevies of up to…