Watch and Make this Edible Flag to Celebrate the Fourth

In honor of Independence Day, Ariane created an edible American flag for carnivores. Consider this an antidote to all the red-white-and-blue pies, tarts, and cakes you’ll see on Instagram for the holiday. Watch our video and learn to make this simple duck and chicken roulade (with a special – totally natural – ingredient). 

What Makes Green Circle Chicken So Good?

Green Circle chicken is a very special bird. Certified humane, air-chilled and exclusively available at D’Artagnan, every chicken that bears the name is raised free-range on a diet of surplus vegetables. We were inspired by the common sense, waste-nothing philosophy of days past, when chickens lived on vegetable scraps and roamed freely around farmyards and pastureland. Green Circle chicken has been featured on the front page of The NY Times & CNN and is a favorite among chefs. If you needed proof on the plate that a happy chicken is a tasty chicken, you’ll find it here. Read on to learn more.

Make this Super-Easy One-Pan Chicken on a Weeknight

This chicken recipe couldn’t be easier! It’s prepped, cooked, and served in one pan, which makes it perfect for busy weeknights. With fingerling potatoes, whole garlic, tart lemons, and fresh herbs, this chicken drumstick recipe is a winner. Read on for the details.

These 5 Easy Recipes Will Make You Want to Cook Now

Happy Spring! It’s time to transition out of heavy braised dishes and into something lighter … but no less satisfying. Here are some recipes that will help make the season a bit more delicious, from roasted poussin to juicy turkey burgers.

Top 10 Dishes That Will Make You Crave Chicken

We’re always looking at food. If you like to see beautiful plates that inspire you to cook – or to make a reservation at your favorite restaurant –  Instagram is the place to be. Below are some highlights from chef posts to Instagram – using our products, of course – to whet your appetite. Join us…

Think You Know Chicken? Watch This Video

Chef Antoine Westermann wanted to find the best chicken “Not only in the U.S. but in the world” for his new restaurant Le Coq Rico. Working with our exclusive farm, we developed a special chicken just for him, raising old-breed birds to 120 days for best flavor. Looking to get that best-chicken-in-the-world flavor at home? Our exclusive Green Circle…

The 20-Minute Chicken Dish You’ve Probably Never Made

Odds are you’ve never made rillettes. This meaty spread is a French favorite, often made from pork, duck, or rabbit, and it couldn’t be simpler to whip up at home. The tasty spread can be enjoyed with bread or crackers and is often found on charcuterie boards. This recipe for creamy chicken rillettes is made with our fully-cooked…

See D’Artagnan Chicken Confit in The NY Times

That’s right, our new product – chicken leg confit – has been recognized by Florence Fabricant in The New York Times as an astonishingly versatile option for weeknight cooking. Anywhere you want to use chicken, try chicken leg confit! We couldn’t agree more. Here are a few of our ideas for cooking with chicken confit.  

Have You Cooked this Classic? Try Our Easy Coq Au Vin Recipe

It’s back-to-school time – culinary school, that is! We will be covering some of the classic dishes this fall, and hope you will be inspired to get back in the kitchen for a tasty cooking project. Traditionally, roosters are used to make coq au vin, the classic French stew. Since roosters are hard to find,…

Join Us! Chicken Tasting Event in Brooklyn

September is National Chicken Month, and we are looking forward to talking about chicken all month. We will begin at Taste Talks, a Brooklyn food festival organized by chefs Wylie Dufresne and Andrew Carmellini. With an impressive roster of participants, this 3-day event (9/8 – 9/10) promises to be about food and culture, not just…

5 Ways to Win at Grilling on Labor Day

If you’ve been grilling burgers, steaks, and chops all summer, it’s time to shake things up. The summer is almost over – don’t let it end without trying one of our unique grilling recipes with wild boar, lamb, or milk-fed pork. Read on for grilling inspiration.