5 Poultry Recipes that will Make Small Meals Special

Making a smaller meal this holiday season? Choose an alternative to a turkey at the center of the table and make duck, quail, chicken, or guinea hen. No matter how many people are gathered we have recipes to make the meal a memorable one – at the holidays or even a weeknight dinner.

Bored With Chicken? Try One of Our 7 Poussin Recipes

A quick lesson in poultry: a poussin (poo-SAHN) is simply a small, young chicken. Sometimes called spring chicken, though it’s available year-round, we use the French term because it is most familiar to chefs and butchers. And now to you. With a small size of 16-20 ounces, poussin makes the perfect portion for serving one…

What We’re Eating in Early Autumn

We love the beginning of the fall season because it marks a return to the kitchen. It’s a transitional period; warm enough to keep the charcoals burning in the grill outside, but cool enough to inspire visions of braised and roasted meats. So as the season officially begins, let’s plan what we’ll cook this fall….