Do You Wonder What D’Artagnan Staffers Like to Cook?

We talked to some of the dads at D’Artagnan to see what they’re cooking for Father’s Day this year. With access to all the great products in the catalog, our enthusiastic, food-loving staffers are a good place to go for recommendations.  Read on and get inspired for your own summer menus.

Oscar Vasquez and his wife are expecting their first child in early August, so this is his last Father’s Day before he becomes a dad himself.

I will have my family over to grill Berkshire Pork Chops in the backyard. My father would grill a platter of different meats, from sausages to sirloin steak, to ribs. He is a grill master but has no secret recipes that he shared with me!

– Oscar Vasquez, Logistics 

andrik-langfield-wq8xzzoj_sE-unsplash grill meat sausage

My Menu for Father’s Day

Rich Eulo with children
Rich Eulo, Controller at D’Artagnan

Breakfast: D’Artagnan bacon  & eggs with home fries cooked on an outside griddle

Dinner: D’Artagnan Wagyu beef tenderloin with grilled asparagus – Wagyu is always a go-to for any holiday.

Also will be sending Wagyu strip steaks to my father-in-law as a Father’s Day gift.

I cook Wagyu burgers with my 8-year-old son. It’s the first thing he wanted to try and cook. The burgers have become his favorite meal. He’s probably the only 8-year-old kid who refuses to eat a Mcdonald’s hamburger after having a D’Artagnan Wagyu burger.

Burgers on Grill zac-cain-610365-unsplash

Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

I received a pellet smoker for a past Father’s Day, so I just HAVE to use it every year, right? And to me, that means letting a Berkshire pork butt and some ribs cooked slow and low all afternoon while a few neighborhood dads and I hang around the backyard supervising the process. My father will usually join the party just in time to eat. Of course, the morning will be filled with a few gifts and homemade cards from the kids. Good food, family, and friends are what it’s all about. If only there was baseball …

Joe D’Angelo, Category Manager

Better Make it Bison

Tim Suprenant
Tim Suprenant, Sales Manager, Boston

This Father’s Day, I will be grilling up some D’Artagnan Bison Ribeyes over hickory for the family. I have a 5-year-old daughter who’s food preferences seem to change with the wind these days but she absolutely DEVOURS steaks!  I had her try bison for the first time a few weeks back and it was a huge hit.  Every time I have bison, I am reminded how delicious it is and have made a conscious effort to eat more of it in place of beef.

The quarantine has unquestionably brought my family closer.  It’s given me the opportunity to take a step back at times and take a look at the bigger picture.  Cooking together and spending time at the dinner table with one another has been the highlight for me through it all and this holiday will be enjoyed doing just that.  Growing up, my dad and I would always cook-off a few pounds of steamers on summer nights.  We were the only two that ate them in the family so it was our bonding time.  I’ll be steaming some off for myself this Father’s Day.  My little version of surf and turf.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

The Father’s Day menu isn’t nailed down but always happy to talk about my current favorites.

Angus short ribs – so easy to smoke and get a killer result. It turns out like brisket without the fuss and super-long cook times. I like the Big Bad Beef Rub at and it’s a 5-6 hour cook on my Pit Barrel Cooker.

Smoked Whole Pekin Duck is a new fave.  Super delicious and done in 3 hours also on the Pit Barrel.  Much easier and tastier than roasting in the oven. Skin is far more evenly cooked and it’s super juicy.

Wagyu Beef Patties. Super tasty and super convenient (no forming patties). And they defrost quite quickly if I ever need a meal or quick snack. (Fun fact – I do consider an 8 oz burger a snack.)

Thick-Cut Bacon – Works great with the Wagyu patties, 5-6 slices make for a nice breakfast.

BACABF103-1-V1 Thick Cut Bacon

Given that we’ve done many a Father’s Day at the local German club which won’t be open I just might make our porcelet shanks German style. I always had a hard time finding pork shanks with the skin – but D’Artagnan has them regularly stocked.

– Eric Dick, Search & Display Marketing Manager

Rack Up Some Lamb

We are homebodies and tend to spend these days as a family at home. For Father’s day and other similar holidays, I try to step it up.  This year I am planning on serving our Rocky Mountain lamb racks.  I am a fan of the mustard and herb recipe we feature on the site. My father used to make a crown roast when I was a kid.  I have yet to tackle that project – maybe for next Father’s Day.

– Josh Burchell, Category Manager Supervisor


The Most Perfect Pork

For Father’s Day this year, I am looking forward to a D’Artagnan porcelet rack. Porcelet is young, milk-fed pork and it is absurdly juicy. I decided to go for the rack, because with COVID preventing me from going out to eat, I have been grilling at home more than ever before, and the rack will lend itself best to that technique.


Although I live in Minneapolis, I’m from Boston and that is where my family is. Usually, my parents come out to celebrate Father’s Day with us, but this year they are not going to be able to travel, because of COVID-19.

Paul Healey and Daughter
There isn’t any particular dish I make with my daughter, I want to show her everything, so I cook everything with her.

I’m not sure if my father was a bad cook, because he never did when I was growing up – unless you count cold cereal and sandwiches. There are plenty of things he did with me, but cooking wasn’t one of them. I have been fortunate enough over the years been able to cook for my father, both in kitchens that I ran and at home. He is a good eater!

Like most of the people I have met at D’Artagnan, I chose to work here because I believe in responsible animal husbandry and that we have the best quality meat, game, poultry, and mushrooms available. One of the first things I learned when I cooked professionally was that you should start with the best ingredients and do as little as possible to them. My favorite vegetables to grill with are late spring ones – onions, garlic, ramps, asparagus, etc. (they go great with Jean Reno olive oil). Spring comes late in Minnesota, so although I can’t go out, I can have an amazing meal at home with produce I’m getting from my CSA and porcelet from D’Artagnan.         – Paul Healey, Sales Manager, Midwest

Papa Loves Short Ribs & So Do the Kids!

Brendon Trainor with kids
Brendon Treanor, Sales Manager/Colorado

Most likely smoked boneless short ribs. We serve it sliced in tacos with kimchi coleslaw and pickled red onions that my kids found a recipe for online and made themselves.

My kids like helping out with meals. I recently refurbished the heating element in one of those little Bradley Smokers that sort of looks like a dorm room refrigerator. We’ve all been messing around with that lately. We smoked some Heritage Green Circle Chickens in there last week over cherrywood that was ridiculous!Brendon Trainor Food

My dad made an excellent roasted eye round that he would cook “rare” and then slice thinly and serve on a sandwich with shaved onions and horseradish. I make that all the time with our Wagyu Eye Round. It’s simple and absolutely amazing! Kids go nuts for it.

Duck for Dad’s Day

Jeremey Trier
Jeremy Trier, Regional Sales Manager, Boston

This is my first Father’s Day as a dad.  My son was born on March 14th of this year so it is especially celebratory for me. The meal will be more for my father and we will be cooking duck!  My father loves duck and my parents will be coming over that weekend.  His favorite dish is cassoulet so I’ll be cooking that. I know it’s not a summer dish …

Due to the virus, my parents have only seen my son once.  After social distancing for so long, we’ll be getting together at my home next weekend.  I’ll be making heritage bacon & eggs in the morning, grilling Green Circle Chicken for lunch and cassoulet (duck, sausage, and beans) for dinner.

Cassoulet for 4 in Pot

BBQ Ribs and Homemade Chicken Nuggets

I will definitely be treating myself & my family to our Berkshire St. Louis Ribs, dry-rubbed of course with Carolina BBQ … one of my favorites!  Kids get Green Circle Chicken breast and I’ll be making the fried nuggets and tenders with them. It always pleases the younger crowd!

My whole family has done the responsible thing and distanced during COVID-19.  So, Father’s Day is special for us this year, as it will mark the first time we will get together in quite some time.

– Rich Goldsmith, Sales Agent


We hope you will enjoy a happy Father’s Day filled with good food and great memories. Tell us what you plan to make!

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