You’ll Want to Make All 5 of these Ground Lamb Recipes

Our grass-fed ground lamb makes a flavorful alternative to beef, and is a grilling season must-have.  You’ll enjoy its distinctive, rich flavor – “lamby” but not gamey – in burgers, chili, kebabs, and more. Learn about this healthy grass-fed lamb and start planning your lambtastic menus. Available in 12 ounce packs, this blend is 85% lean from leg of lamb and 15% fat from the belly – and can be used in place of beef in almost any recipe, though keep in mind it’s more robustly flavored.

LAMAUS021- Ground Lamb

Order a case of 4 packs so you always have ground lamb ready for the grill. Try lamb in Mediterranean dishes or pair with strong spices – this tasty lamb can take the heat.

1. Spicy Lamb Burger Sliders

For this Moroccan-spiced lamb slider recipe, we combine our lamb merguez sausage and ground lamb then top with grilled halloumi cheese and a harissa yogurt sauce.


2. Turkish-Style Lamb Flatbread

This versatile recipe for spiced lamb and feta pide, a Turkish-style boat-shaped flatbread, makes a delectable lunch, dinner, or party appetizer.


3. Spiced Lamb Kofta Kebabs

Make these spiced ground lamb kebabs in just minutes on the grill. They’re delicious on pita with a little herbed yogurt and cool, crisp veggies.

lamb koftas high res

4. Grilled Greek-Style Lamb Burgers

Our grilled lamb burgers are packed with flavor from fresh herbs, feta, tomato jam, and a balsamic glaze. So easy to make, they’re a great alternative to basic beef burgers.


5. Lamb Meatballs with Harissa-Yogurt Sauce

This baked lamb meatball recipe comes together quickly. The pleasing crust and tender center are complemented by a creamy harissa-spiked yogurt.


About Our Grass-Fed Lamb

Our grass-fed lambs are raised humanely in small flocks on lush meadows of rye and clover in Victoria, Australia’s optimal growing region. The stress-free lifestyle – with no antibiotics or added hormones – produces lamb that will make a delicious addition to your cooking routine.

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