Two New Steaks that will Make Dinner Better

How do you like your steak? Even those who prefer theirs grain-finished will find our grass-fed beef a tasty delight. Rare or medium, these new grass-fed steaks are about to make your day! Read on to find out what sets this beef apart from the herd.  

Do You Wonder What D’Artagnan Staffers Like to Cook?

We talked to some of the dads at D’Artagnan to see what they’re cooking for Father’s Day this year. With access to all the great products in the catalog, our enthusiastic, food-loving staffers are a good place to go for recommendations.  Read on for inspiration for your own summer menus. 

This Wagyu A5 Could be the Best Steak Ever

This is the steak of all steaks. Japanese. A5. Wagyu. Few have the opportunity to savor this rarity … which is why we are excited to offer it to you. For the connoisseur who has tried the best of everything, our Wagyu ribeye steak sets a new bar. Treat yourself to a memorable experience – or give the ultimate gift. Read on for more details.

These Steaks with 5-Star Reviews Will Make You Hungry

Are you looking for something delicious for dinner? There’s nothing better than steak.  Whether you have a taste for prized Wagyu beef, lean grass-fed beef,  grain-finished Angus beef, or premium A5 Japanese Wagyu beef, we have an option for you. Our ranchers raise cattle with care and compassion for the best results, and many happy customers have written 5-star reviews to prove it. Read on to find the best steak for your needs. 

No Matter How You Cut It, Whole Ribeye is a Feast

There’s a beef renaissance going on – are you part of it? Discover the joys of grass-fed beef with our whole ribeye. Lean, densely-textured, and packed with nutrients, grass-fed beef is healthier and full of unmistakable beefy flavor. Read on to find out why you need a whole ribeye in your life. Score big and order your ribeye…

Why Let Meat Rest?

Whether it’s a ribeye, skirt steak, duck breast or pork chop, it is most satisfying to eat a piece of meat that is bursting with moisture and flavor. However, if you’re not careful with your dinner, you could end up gnawing away at a steak or chop that is dry and flavorless. That is not…

Try This Carne Asada Recipe for Weekend Grilling

Our steaks make killer carne asada – which literally translates to “grilled meat” – that are perfect for your next summer get-together. We made this recipe with Wagyu flank steak, but it will work well with outside skirt steak, or Angus hanger steak. Pretty much any cut of beef is fair game for carne asada. Dried…

Game Day Eats: Top 5 Mains for Super Sunday

Looking for game day menu ideas? A cold afternoon in February seems like the perfect time for warming, hearty dishes and you can score a touchdown with our game-day recipes. Top 5 Main Dishes for Super Sunday 1. Cassoulet is nothing but French chili – granted, it has a lot of incredible cured meats and…