Do You Wonder What D’Artagnan Staffers Like to Cook?

We talked to some of the dads at D’Artagnan to see what they’re cooking for Father’s Day this year. With access to all the great products in the catalog, our enthusiastic, food-loving staffers are a good place to go for recommendations.  Read on for inspiration for your own summer menus. 

Whip Up this Brunch Burger on Father’s Day

Are you looking for a special way to celebrate dad on Father’s Day? Try making him this incredible buffalo burger topped with bacon, an egg and zesty mayo inspired by our favorite morning cocktail. Looks like brunch just got a little spicier. Read on for the recipe and learn how to make this bistro classic.

Grilling with Dad

The grill is primed and ready for action and dad prides himself on his skills … now it’s up to you to provide the pizzazz that makes this more than just another cookout. Why not roast a suckling pig for Father’s Day? Nothing says “serious party” like a suckling pig cooked outdoors. Whether you spit-roast the pig…

Filet Mignon: When You Want the Best Steak

Known as the special occasion steak, filet mignon is French for “dainty cut.” And that’s an apt description for the tenderest tip of the tenderloin. Filet mignon is a lean piece of beef that is often larded with bacon and served quite rare. This is a good steak to have on hand for Father’s Day,…