12 No-Cook Ways to Dress Steaks & Chops

No pan sauce? No problem. We have recipes for 12 flavor boosters that work well with steaks, chops, duck breast, lamb, chicken and more. Our compound butters and no-cook sauces are easy to make and especially convenient for summer meals… but they will keep your cooking game fresh all year long. Read on for the recipes.

 What is Compound Butter?

And why do you need to master this simple condiment? Compound butter combines an ingredient – truffle, basil, garlic, or mushrooms, for example – with creamy butter. Compound butter is easy to make and good to have handy in the refrigerator to impart depth of flavor to grilled steak, pork, lamb or veal chops, and more.

We recommend adding a generous pat on top of your just-cooked meat while it’s resting. That melty butter will add a special something as it mingles with the natural juices.

Here are 6 flavor boosters you can mix up in no time. Find the recipes at dartagnan.com.

compound butter

No-Heat, No-Cook Sauces

No need to stand over the stove watching a sauce reduce. Try one of our 6 recipes for zippy sauces that come together in a food processor in minutes. Served cold, these condiments add bright flavors to grilled steaks, pork chops, duck breast, and any other meat you cook this summer. We like aji verde on roasted chicken, gremolata on lamb, mango avocado salsa on pork chops. You get the idea. There is no wrong way to enjoy these super simple sauces.

Here are 6 sauces and condiments to add flavor to your meals. Find the recipes at dartagnan.com.


What is your go-to sauce for steaks? Tell us what you’re cooking in the comments below.

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