When You Make Easy Compound Butter You’ll Find Many Ways to Eat It

Compound butter is a classic French preparation that combines an ingredient – truffle, basil, garlic, or mushrooms, for example – with creamy butter. Great for bread, these flavorful butters are also wonderful to have in the fridge to accompany a grilled steak, pork, lamb or veal chop, or tuck into a burger. They are so easy that we hesitate to call these recipes. So here are 7 ways you can make compound butter at home.

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No pan sauce? No problem. We have recipes for 12 flavor boosters that work well with steaks, chops, duck breast, lamb, chicken, and more. Our compound butters and no-cook sauces are easy to make and especially convenient for summer meals… but they will keep your cooking game fresh all year long. Read on for the…

How to Make Compound Butter in Minutes with 5 Sure-Fire Recipes

Compound butter takes only minutes to prepare and makes everything it touches better. You can whip up this classic French accompaniment by combining butter with almost anything: fresh herbs, ramps, citrus zest, spices, mushrooms, chilies, miso, or roasted garlic. We even made foie gras butter (so worth it!). Use this simple technique to add flavor…

The Secret Ingredient That Makes Everything Better

You thought we meant bacon, didn’t you? Well, bacon is a close second. But this time we are talking about butter. Specifically compound butter, called beurre composé in French, a mixture of butter and other ingredients like herbs, spices, or truffles. Now is a good time to add it to your repertoire, because grilling season will…

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Ramp season is so brief – late March to sometime in May – that we really mean it when we say “now.” Ramps are wild onions native to North America and are sometimes known as spring onions, wild leeks, or wild garlic. These fragrant, garlicky sheaves of green are a sign that spring has arrived….