Fast Food That’s Good For You: Chicken Leg Confit

We love duck confit, and based on the popularity of this item, it’s likely that you do, too. That’s why we decided to make confit with everyone’s favorite bird: chicken. We are excited to introduce the first chicken leg confit on the market.

Confit is a (pronounced kuhn-fee) specialty from the heart of Gascony, in Southwest France, and a traditional method of preserving meat before refrigeration. The confit process – slow cooking in duck fat with aromatics – produces tender, fall-off-the-bone meat. While it’s simple enough to make at home, it is time-consuming. That’s why we did it for you.


Made simply and naturally, without artificial ingredients or preservatives, our chicken leg confit is sure to become a new charcuterie classic.

Cooking with Chicken Confit

Our chicken leg confit consists of the drum and thigh and makes a great addition to your favorite dishes. And it’s easy to work with because it’s fully cooked; just heat up the grill, crank up the broiler, or place in a hot pan to get the skin crispy.

Either shred the tender chicken meat or serve the whole leg for a lovely presentation. When deboned and shredded, the meat can be rolled in tortillas for burritos, or tucked into tacos. Dumplings and empanadas would be great with chicken confit packed inside.

Toss chunked or shredded chicken confit with salads or pasta dishes (try using it as a ravioli filling), or stirred into chili, soup or stew.

For an easy meal, we like it simply broiled until the skin gets crispy, and then shredded and served on a salad.


Chicken leg confit would be perfect for a sheet pan meal, and could be used instead of duck confit in our sheet pan recipe that features fingerling potatoes and green beans.

Try our chicken confit and let us know what you think! Leave a comment here, or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – just tag @dartagnanfoods.


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