Ready for Mardi Gras? With This Recipe You Are

Mardi Gras – the final day of revelry before Lent – is on February 13 this year. How will you celebrate Fat Tuesday? We usually like to do it with foie gras! Another way to get in the spirit is by cooking traditional dishes from New Orleans, where Mardi Gras is celebrated with gusto. From po’ boys…

The Chicken Confit Pot Pie You’ll Be Making All Season

We have a new product – chicken leg confit – so we’ve been playing in the kitchen. Just like our popular duck leg confit, it’s fully-cooked, tender as can be, and perfect for a variety of recipes. Chicken confit cuts out the step of roasting a chicken and makes for succulent, flavorful filling in this recipe….

See D’Artagnan Chicken Confit in The NY Times

That’s right, our new product – chicken leg confit – has been recognized by Florence Fabricant in The New York Times as an astonishingly versatile option for weeknight cooking. Anywhere you want to use chicken, try chicken leg confit! We couldn’t agree more. Here are a few of our ideas for cooking with chicken confit.  

Fast Food That’s Good For You: Chicken Leg Confit

We love duck confit, and based on the popularity of this item, it’s likely that you do, too. That’s why we decided to make confit with everyone’s favorite bird: chicken. We are excited to introduce the first chicken leg confit on the market. Confit is a (pronounced kuhn-fee) specialty from the heart of Gascony, in…