3 Sous Vide Recipes + A Giveaway

Have you seen our latest giveaway? We are pretty excited about sharing this one! ChefSteps partnered with us to give away a Joule Sous Vide – the sexy, sleek and smart sous vide machine. Along with the Joule, we are giving away a $300 gift card, so the winner can get the best meat to cook sous vide style.


The sous vide technique is a favorite among chefs because if offers precise control, and meats that are perfectly cooked every time. It’s a gentle way to bring foods to temperature, without the use of high heat.

Once the realm of professional chefs, more and more home cooks are discovering the joys of sous vide cooking. Enter our giveaway for a chance to become one of those happy home cooks, and discover a whole new world of flavor.

Here are three basic sous vide recipes to inspire you.

Sous Vide Duck Breasts

Cooking duck breasts sous vide ensures evenly medium-rare results and a buttery texture. Here’s a basic recipe using our exclusive Rohan duck breasts which are perfectly portioned for one per person. You can add your favorite fresh herbs or other aromatics to the vacuum bag, if desired.


Perfect Sous Vide Pork Chops

This basic sous vide recipe is a great foundation for tender, juicy pork chops. Quick pre- and post-searing ensures rich taste and a pleasing crust. Once you master the technique and timing, experiment with flavors by adding your favorite aromatics to the vacuum bags.


Classic Sous Vide Burgers

Grill, broil, smash, sear, sous vide… there are many ways to cook a burger. The advantage to sous vide is a burger that’s an even temperature throughout, with very little “active” cooking. Here, we paired these juicy burgers with classic accompaniments – American cheese, West Coast-style burger sauce, and soft potato rolls.




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