Favorite American Recipes: Food for the Fourth

Some people see D’Artagnan as French to the bone, but in fact, we are American. Our founder and owner, Ariane Daguin came to the United States determined to forge a new life for herself. So D’Artagnan is a hybrid: uniquely American, but with a French accent.

In 2 weeks we will be celebrating Bastille Day, which marks the French Revolution, but before July 14,  we will cheer for the stars and bars, and celebrate Independence Day on July 4.

So here are a few recipes that are as American as … duck fat fried chicken. Perfect for Fourth of July parties, or any weekend gathering, they reflect American regional specialties and flavors.  We hope you will enjoy one at your Fourth of July party this year.

Deep South Burger

Fried green tomatoes, homemade pimento cheese, and chow chow mayo add Southern charm to this juicy Angus burger.


Texas-Style Beef Short Rib Chili

Who needs beans when you have beef, beer, and bacon? Our boneless beef short ribs cook slowly in a rich combo of pureed chiles, dark beer, beef stock, bacon, and spices. A little dark chocolate at the end adds depth of flavor – don’t skip it.


Cast Iron Cornbread with Bacon

This smoky cornbread makes a great side for barbecue or chili, and is also delicious on its own with a generous slathering of honey butter. The flecks of bacon inside are a satisfying addition to an American classic recipe.


Baked Beans with Bacon & Molasses

Baked beans are a summer cookout must-have and making them yourself is well worth the time. This easy recipe yields tender beans with a sweet, smoky sauce. Bacon weave optional, but recommended.


Duck Fat Fried Chicken Drumsticks

An overnight soak in seasoned buttermilk along with pan-frying in a blend of duck fat and peanut oil, makes this chicken extra flavorful, crispy, and browned. It’s equally delicious piping hot or served cold, picnic style.


Berkshire Oven Ribs with Sweet Bourbon BBQ Sauce

These tender, sweet, and sticky ribs are easy to make right in your oven. They’re cooked slow and low then glazed with a bourbon-spiked brown sugar barbecue sauce. Bourbon is a distinctly American spirit, and brings smoky flavor to this BBQ sauce. These ribs are equally delicious as a main course or party  finger food (extra napkins recommended).


Bacon Mac and Cheese

This quick and easy recipe for stovetop mac & cheese with bacon will satisfy adults and kids alike. Thomas Jefferson came across macaroni in Paris and Italy, and the pasta fascinated him. Eventually he served it at a state dinner with cheese, and baked macaroni and cheese became an instant American classic.


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