Recipes for Your Farmers Market Bounty

We love farmers market season. At D’Artagnan we work with small farms and ranches to source our products, so we know how hard farmers work, and we like to show our appreciation.

When you shop a the local farmers market, you often meet the people that grow your food. Building relationships with your farmers is valuable – they can teach you about the food, give you tips on preparing new things (you might find a new favorite), and give you an understanding of their process. Your support helps to preserve farmland, sustainability, family farms, and local economies. And let’s admit it: there’s nothing better than a fresh fig or ripe tomato in season. Those foreign fruits shipped long distances just don’t compare.

According to the USDA, there are 8,500 farmers markets in our country today, so there’s bound to be one near you.


Bon Appétit lists 13 farmers markets worth traveling for … or hitting up if you are vacationing in the area. Maybe you are lucky to have one of these markets in your neighborhood. Have a look at their list of the best farmers markets in America right here.


If you can’t get to one of them, The Daily Meal ranks the best 101 farmers markets in America in this list.

Farmers Market Recipes

Fresh, local, and seasonal produce inspires us to create new dishes, and invite friends over to share. Here are a few recipes you can enjoy with the bounty of fruits and vegetables you bring home from the market.

Our Fig and Prosciutto Tart recipe is easy to make for a summer party, and it’s gorgeous enough for an Instagram pic.


Salads are an easy meal on a hot day.  This recipe combines our smoked duck breast with cherries, but it’s adaptable; use whatever fruit is in season. Try persimmons or figs, apricots or peaches.

smoked-duck-and-cherry-salad-recipeSpeaking of peaches … try grilling them as we did in our pork chop recipe. Peaches and pork chops make a great pair.


When your pears are perfectly ripe,  add some creamy ricotta and wrap them with prosciutto … then drizzle truffle honey over them. This recipe makes a perfect summer cocktail snack.

french ham & pear recipes preview

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