7 Ways to Make Your New Year’s Eve Party Better

What are you serving at your New Year’s Eve party? From humble ingredients like chickpeas and peanut butter to haute items like caviar and foie gras, there’s a range of recipes that will work at either a sit-down dinner or a casual buffet. These elevated party foods are easy to make and serve and they will leave your guests talking. Read on for seven of our favorite recipes for entertaining. 

5 Easy and Unique Recipes for the Fourth of July

Find something new to serve this Fourth of July with our recipes. For this lineup, the bacon cheeseburger is reimagined with ground venison, and chili is made with duck charcuterie. Try one of them and discover a new favorite for summer gatherings. Read on for the recipes and start planning your Fourth of July meals.  

You’ll Love these 7 Easy Mushroom Recipes for Summer Entertaining

Make mushrooms a part of your party plans this summer with our fun and easy recipes. Mushrooms may not be first on your list this season, but these dishes will show you they have a lot to offer grilling and backyard parties. Read on for 7 recipes you’ll want to bookmark. 

3 Beef-Free Meatball Recipes You’ll Love for Entertaining

Meatballs are probably one of the most widely eaten and adored foods, and every culture has their own version. When made bite-size, meatballs are also a classic party food. For something a little different, we have 3 meatball recipes for you that are made with venison, buffalo, and lamb. They offer big flavor in small packages, best enjoyed on the end of a toothpick. Read on for the recipes.

5 Easy Bacon-Wrapped Apps that will Make Your Party a Success

As the old saying goes, “Where there is bacon, there is happiness.” Bring that happiness to your party with our 5 simple recipes. You just can’t make enough of these bacon-wrapped appetizers. They’ll be the first to go … because bacon. Read on for the recipes. Our bacon is produced with care, sourced from small farms,…

These 7 Easy Ideas Will Make Your New Year’s Eve Party a Success

Every host wants no-fuss party foods that will make the celebration memorable. With our recipes, you can have it all. These elevated party foods are easy to make and serve and they will leave your guests talking. To create an elegant affair with ease, read on for some of our favorite party ideas.

3 Unique Ideas for the Last Party of Summer

With Labor Day coming up all too fast, it’s time to plan your last weekend bash. The end of summer deserves a sendoff with style, so we have a few ideas for feeding a crowd, whether you are at the beach, the lake or enjoying the comforts of your own backyard. Read on for some party ideas worthy of the name.

5 Easy Prosciutto Recipes That Will Be Gone in Seconds

There’s nothing as summery as prosciutto – or in this case, our Jambon de Bayonne – with fresh melon, burrata cheese and some basil from the garden. But what else can you make with this ready-to-eat charcuterie superstar? We have 5 super-simple ideas (3 require no cooking!) that will make your summer parties the stuff…

You Don’t Have to Be French to Make these Classic Recipes

Every July 14th the French celebrate Bastille Day, commemorating the revolution of 1789, and in every major city around the world with a significant number of French expatriates, there is sure to be a good party, parade, or petanque tournament on the holiday. Find one near you or join in the fun at home by…

7 Simple Gourmet Appetizer Ideas For a Summery Cocktail Hour

Create your own happy hour when entertaining at home this summer. Serving aperitifs allows your guests to unwind and mingle a bit before the meal. Consider it the party before the party. Traditionally aperitifs are refreshing, light beverages like Champagne or a cocktail with Lillet, Dubonnet, Campari, or perhaps St. Germain. You may serve small…