You’ll Love these 7 Easy Mushroom Recipes for Summer Entertaining

Make mushrooms a part of your party plans this summer with our fun and easy recipes. Mushrooms may not be first on your list this season, but these dishes will show you they have a lot to offer grilling and backyard parties. Read on for 7 recipes you’ll want to bookmark.

1. Mushroom Grain Salad with Pancetta

Everyone is talking about grain salads these days. Our recipe barley, sautéed mushrooms, leeks, shallots, and crisped pancetta for a salty kick. Great for feeding a group, this recipe can be enjoyed as a side or served as a main dish if you add over-easy eggs.

barley mushroom salad alt

2. Mushroom & Shallot Butter for Steaks & Chops

Compound butter is one of those little tricks that make you look like a pro. Easy to prepare ahead, this earthy butter enhanced with mushrooms and shallots will add richness and depth to grilled beef, pork, venison, or buffalo. We like a generous pat on steaks and chops, just let it melt and mingle with the juices for an instant “plate sauce.”


3. Mushroom Tarte Tatin with Honey & Goat Cheese

Think of this rustic and easy tarte tatin as fancy pizza. For this delight, buttery puff pastry is topped with mushrooms, sweet shallots, and goat cheese for easy-to-eat party food your guests will love.

Mushroom Tarte Tatin Cut Open

4. Mushroom Quinoa Veggie Burger

Having a burger bash and need to feed some vegetarians? Never fear. Here’s an easy recipe to make umami-rich, protein-packed veggie burgers at home with our organic and wild mushrooms. Black garlic mayonnaise brings out the smoky sweetness, making these burgers a treat even a carnivore could love.


5. Mushroom Salsa

Nobody expects mushrooms in their salsa, but this crunchy version is party-worthy, with a blend of charred red onions, wild mushrooms, and garlic. Finish the dish with fresh cilantro and citrus juice for bright notes.


6. Pickled Organic Wild Mushrooms

A great companion for a charcuterie board, rillettes or pâtés, crostini, or even right out of the jar, these quick-pickled organic mushrooms are easy to make and add some flavor to your party.


7. Wild Mushroom Bacon Dip

You can’t have a party without a creamy dip. This one, adapted from a Martha Stewart recipe, is mushroom-packed, smokey and totally addicting. Serve it with your favorite thick-cut potato chips or crispy crudités.


What are your favorite ways to enjoy mushrooms? Tell us in the comments.

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