Is This the Most Addictive Food Ever?

Duck rillettes are quite possibly the most addictive product at At least that’s what our customers are saying in their reviews! This meaty duck spread with a French name is made from the legs of our exclusive Rohan™ duck, which are slowly cooked in duck stock and aromatics until tender, and then finely shredded. The meat is creamed together with duck fat, salt, pepper and garlic, making a luscious, ready-to-eat spread.

Are you addicted to duck rillettes? Read on to see what people are saying in their 5-star reviews of this top-rated product, and order duck rillettes today.

Duck rillettes are another fantastic treat brought to you by the good old days before refrigeration. Like all charcuterie, duck rillettes came about because people needed to preserve meat without the benefit of a Sub-Zero. Duck rillettes are also the reason for many a white lie.

The problem was, I had to cross my fingers when my husband made me promise I would only buy one container at a time. I will buy 6 and freeze a few, in the bottom of the freezer. Thank you.   – Lynn from CA

Fully-cooked and so convenient, duck rillettes are hard to stop eating. The struggle is real for this retired mailman in North Carolina.

After ordering a 7 oz tub and tasting* these rillettes, I realized that I’ve had this before, maybe at a wedding reception or something, but never knew what it was. I’ll be ordering more for sure.

*Tasting? Who am I kidding? I’ve nearly finished off the whole container in just a few hours.  – Retired mailman from NC

duck-rillettes-fennel-slaw-sandwich-recipe SM
A simple sandwich with duck rillettes and apple fennel slaw.

We offer duck rillettes in a 7oz. tub and a 2 lb. tub for the truly committed. Or maybe for entertaining. It’s good to have a tub on hand during the summer for spontaneous parties.

I have eaten rillettes all over the world this is the best I have ever eaten. Beyond good. My problem is I can sit with some crackers, a glass of wine and demolish a container (7 oz.). Not the tub … but the tub is tempting. – Ric from CA

This charcuterie should be softened to room temperature before spreading on bread or crackers. But there are other ways to incorporate them into your cooking. A chef gave us some ideas in this review.

A new addiction! Once you’ve tried these rillettes, you are hooked! They are savory, tender and flavorful. I am a chef and have devised many ways to incorporate them in recipes.

Add them to sauces for pasta for a bolognese they will never forget, add them as a secret spread on simple sandwiches and elevate them to a new level. Stuff them in mushroom caps topped with shavings of Parmigiano Reggiano and have your guests talking.

Or just do like me, at times, and horde them for yourself for a late night snack on crusty bread with a glass of wine or a good craft beer. Let the rillettes inspire you to creativity!  – Une Gastronome from NY

Wontons stuffed with duck rillettes.

The best kind of dilemma for any host…

Of course, duck rillettes are the best thing to hit toast since seedless raspberry preserves, but… I mixed a container into a risotto with fresh asparagus and served it for dinner. It was so creamy and delectable that I need a new word to describe the experience. My company was, well, gobsmacked, and there was nothing left to make arancini the next day. I don’t know if I should have been happy they loved it or sad for no leftovers. Everyone should have that kind of dilemma!  – Foofur from MA

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