You’ll Want to Make All 5 of these Ground Lamb Recipes

Our grass-fed lamb makes a flavorful alternative to beef, and is a grilling season must-have.  You’ll enjoy its distinctive, rich flavor – “lamby” but not gamey – in burgers, chili, kebabs, and more. Learn about this healthy grass-fed lamb and start planning your lambtastic menus.

Make Winter Meals More Interesting with Lamb

Lamb is the other red meat. We love it because of its rich, unique flavor and adaptability. Most cuisines have lamb recipes, and we’ve rounded up a few from a variety of traditions here. Read on and discover a new favorite for comforting winter meals. 

Five Unexpected Lamb Cuts That You Should Be Grilling

Are you grilling lamb this summer? Think beyond the rack with these five cuts that are D’Artagnan favorites on the grill. Treat your grill like an oven – just close the lid and use indirect heat to roast large cuts like shoulder or leg of lamb – with the added benefit of smoky flavor. Read on to discover fresh lamb cuts for summer meals. 

How to Best Enjoy Your Springtime Farmers Market Haul

Are you enjoying the first greens from the farmers market? Fresh ramps with dirt still clinging to their roots, coiled garlic scapes and crisp fava beans are all signs that spring is here. Depending on your location, some of these early seasonal greens will be available now – or soon! Read on for the perfect proteins to make your farmers market haul into a meal.

10 Ways to Make a Turkey-Free Meal for Thanksgiving

Tired of turkey? Are you looking for something different to serve on Thanksgiving? Maybe you have guests who aren’t fond of turkey or who have more adventurous palates and yearn to eat something new. The purpose of the holiday is to gather, be thankful and share a festive meal. Read on to choose a main dish…

These Chef Photos Are Sure to Inspire You

Do you love looking at food photos on Instagram like we do? Lately, chefs have been posting their dishes with our new, unique lamb cut – the Denver chop – and we had to share. The Denver lamb chop is from the loin with the last rib left attached. The large eye is tender and quick-cooking,…

You’ll Blow Your Top for this New Lamb Cut

Our new Lamb Volcano Shank is even better than osso buco. The shanks are larger and easier to cook, plus they make a beautiful presentation. From our cooperative in the Rocky Mountains, this lamb is raised right for superior tenderness and fresh, full flavor. You’ll get two 16 – 18-ounce shanks per package, good for individual…

Try this Crispy Braised Lamb Belly Recipe

There’s a new cut of our exclusive Salt Meadow™ Lamb available at Lamb belly includes lamb ribs and a section of belly and is best when braised.  Think of tender lamb spare ribs with an extra meaty slab of belly attached. You can cut the tapered end off and cook it separately, or season and…

The Product You’ve Been Raving About

Are you looking for something tasty for dinner? Try our grass-fed rack of lamb. You won’t be alone – many happy customers have written 5-star reviews on our website. Some of them are even inventing occasions to order it again. Read on to see some of the reviews and then add some lamb to your plans. 

Try Salt Meadow Lamb, a Chef Favorite

Salt Meadow™ Lamb is available exclusively at D’Artagnan. Until now only chefs had access to this exquisite lamb, more tender than any other we have ever tasted. Just in time for Easter, Salt Meadow Lamb has been added to our website for home cooks to enjoy. There are two cuts to choose from: bone-in loin…