Learn Two of the Best Ways to Cook Rack of Lamb

We love to see how fans are cooking D’Artagnan products! It’s always exciting when you post beautiful photos on social media, send emails with recipes attached, and post YouTube videos. Read on for two videos of home cooks making a rack of lamb, and find your perfect cut of lamb at dartagnan.com

About Our Lamb

D’Artagnan sources grass-fed lamb from Australia – more specifically, from the Victoria region, renowned for producing the best lamb in the country.

The young lambs graze on grasses like rye and clover in spacious pastures and semi-arid rangelands, ensuring a sweet, mild flavor to the meat. This clean, natural, and free-range environment offers optimal growing conditions and a stress-free lifestyle. For those who like grass-fed lamb, there’s no better choice.

Our grass-fed rack of lamb offers rich flavor and tender texture.

Closer to home, our cooperative rears young lambs in the Rocky Mountain region using humane and sustainable methods. The high-altitude grasses are supplemented with a minimal grain feed, resulting in lamb that is tender and mild, and a favorite among our chef clients.

Like the farmers in our other cooperatives, they insist on following natural processes, never administering antibiotics or hormones. The lambs are raised to the age of six to nine months, instead of one year, which is more common, resulting in a tender texture and superb flavor.

Fans of Lamb

Recently, two fans of D’Artagnan made videos about cooking rack of lamb with different methods – one roasted in the oven, the other smoked, and finished with a flame thrower!

Whichever technique fits your needs – and your equipment – cooking a rack of lamb is one of the best ways to put dinner on the table.

Try our easy sheet-pan lamb with ratatouille for a worthy weeknight meal, or explore our other lamb recipes at dartagnan.com. If you make a rack of lamb with one of these methods, let us know how you like it.

Choose between our racks of grass-fed lamb or Rocky Mountain lamb – or explore all our cuts of lamb at dartagnan.com.

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