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Salt Meadow™ Lamb is available exclusively at D’Artagnan. Until now only chefs had access to this exquisite lamb, more tender than any other we have ever tasted. Just in time for Easter, Salt Meadow Lamb has been added to our website for home cooks to enjoy. There are two cuts to choose from: bone-in loin and leg of lamb.

Salt Meadow Lamb has the delicate taste of young lamb; the extra seagrass, iodine flavor is barely there, but there is a different taste than regular lamb. It’s very tender in texture and mature in flavor, and I was really surprised by its fine composition.

 Thanks, D’Artagnan, for presenting us this beautiful new lamb and always keeping our world excited by new high-quality products.               – Daniel Boulud

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Salt Meadow Lamb French Louie Tandoori IG CROP
Salt Meadow Lamb at French Louie in Brooklyn. Tandoori Lamb Saddle and Grilled Leg with Cucumber, Blackberry, Arugula, Za’atar.

What Makes Salt Meadow Lamb Different

At first glance, you might not be sure that it is lamb because of the rosy color, far paler than you are accustomed to. But this is entirely different lamb: exquisitely tender in texture and mild in flavor because of a special diet that contains seaweed from Nova Scotia. Salt Meadow Lamb Logo FINAL 021317 This lamb is inspired by the Agneau de pré-salé from the coastal regions of Mont-Saint Michel in Normandy, where the flood-prone seaside pastures contain distinctly high levels of sodium and iodine.

The French term pré-salé means “salt meadow,” and not “pre-salted.” The lambs raised on these grasses are renowned for their tenderness, as the minerals affect the meat on a cellular level, giving it a fine grain and the ability to retain more moisture.

Our farmers in the Gaspé Penisula of Quebec reproduce this effect with their proprietary process and diet. They raise a unique hybrid of Île de France, a French breed renowned for its tenderness and Arcott Rideau, a Canadian breed noted for its rapid growth rate and natural resistance to disease. The farm is humanely-certified by an independent third-party, and the lambs are provided a stress-free environment, and never given antibiotics or hormones.Salt Meadow Lamb in barn.jpg

After a full 8 weeks on mother’s milk, the lambs are fed a wholesome, foraged and grain diet supplemented with seaweed from Nova Scotia to mimic the nourishment found in the salt marshes of France.

Processed at a maximum of six months of age, as opposed to a year or more for average lamb, then aged for 7 days to develop a rich, nuanced flavor, Salt Meadow Lamb is a unique product that reflects a centuries-old tradition.

Salt Meadow Lamb Cuts

Smaller than the average lamb loin, this bone-in beauty can be broken down into four logical parts. This butchering job is easy and will be almost instinctive when you see the loin. The rack will be entirely tender – even the finger meat – so there’s no need to French it. Pull the tenderloin off by hand, section off the belly (with a nice fat cap) and the boneless loin.


Salt Meadow is like the Wagyu of lamb and must be experienced to be believed. At a 7 1/2 lb average, it’s slightly smaller than the average leg of lamb but twice as tender. This bone-in leg is perfect for any gathering, be it a holiday or weekend dinner. Use a reverse sear method to assure that you don’t overcook it beyond the perfect medium-rare.


Salt Meadow Lamb has only been available to our chefs, but now it’s your turn to experience this incredible lamb at home. Select your cut of lamb today at

Top featured photo: Whole roasted leg of Salt Meadow Lamb at Italienne in NYC.

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