The Lamb Cut Your Cooking is Missing

The word “lamb” is most often paired with “chop” or “rack” – and we love those cuts, too. But there’s an oft-overlooked lamb cut that is easy and quick to cook, works equally well in a pan or on the grill. We’re talking about lamb tenderloin.

This tender little morsel of lamb deserves careful treatment. It’s lean and delicate, and it cooks quickly. This makes it ideal for a weeknight supper, but also one to watch closely. Just a minute will take it from perfect to overcooked.

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How to Cook Lamb Tenderloin

Keep it simple: salt, pepper, garlic, branches of rosemary. Or use Middle Eastern spices such as sumac, harissa, or our recipe for shawarma spiced lamb.

You might want to rub the lamb with a bit of oil before putting it in the hot pan – this is a lean cut, after all.

Get a cast-iron pan well and truly heated, and quickly pan sear for a just few minutes on each side. You could do that on a grill, too. Slice into delicate medallions and then fan out the morsels of lamb on a platter with vegetables of your choice.

Grain bowls, such as farro, buckwheat, or quinoa, are even better with sliced lamb tenderloin on top. Mix in aromatics like mint, rosemary or fennel.lamb-1426798_1280.jpgLamb tenderloin also makes a great choice for kebabs. Slice lamb into 2-inch pieces, marinate in the herb or spices of your choice, then thread on a skewer and grill quickly.

Lamb tenderloin is perfect for stir-fry. Try our easy recipe for a quick meal with lamb at the center.  And explore our lamb recipes for more ideas.


Where Our Grass-Fed Lamb Comes From

Our pastured lambs are raised humanely using traditional methods in the rangelands of Australia. In keeping with our principles, they are free from antibiotics and hormones. The stress-free environment produces tender and mild meat, proving that the best practices can be tasted on the plate.


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  1. m37bruce says:

    I had this for my lunch a few time a week, after butchering saddles and legs, one of my favorites!

    1. D'Artagnan says:

      Glad you are already enjoying this cut! Bon appetit!

  2. Great idea for summer grilling! I am wondering if marinating in a bit of white wine and olive oil/rosemary will help flavor the meat. I am lucky to have a real butcher at my nearby grocery and I will ask him if he sells this cut and try it this weekend.

    1. D'Artagnan says:

      Yes, by all means, marinate. And if you can’t find tenderloin at the butcher, we have them in stock at

      1. Great! Will remember your website.

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