This Duck Product is a Best-Kept Secret You’ll Love

We’d like to introduce you to a secret cut from the duck breast: the tender. This narrow strip of duck breast is so tender that a chef usually removes it to enjoy in the kitchen, which is why you rarely see them served at restaurants. The little filet is easily removed by hand and is a delicious and fast-cooking morsel that deserves to be better known. The filet from the Moulard duck breast is called “aiguillette” (ag-wee-yet) in French, and we think you are going to love it by any name.

ZDUCMOU030-1-Duck Tenders1
Not unlike a chicken tender, this strip of duck meat is ready for your cooking creativity.

Cooking Duck Tenders

There are many ways you might cook duck tenders. Treat them like duck breast, and pan sear briefly, then glaze with balsamic or make a pan sauce to accompany. When simply seasoned and seared, these duck tenderloins can be served on a salad. Or bread duck tenders and fry them like chicken nuggets, for a more flavorful duck version of this classic comfort food. We found these breaded duck tenders posted on Instagram by Nilly Cafe in Chicago … don’t you think they look good?

Duck Tenders Nilly Cafe Chicago IG

You could also make brochettes; roll a single duck tender with a strip of zucchini cut lengthwise and skewer along with a cherry tomato, then grill quickly. This could also be done with a duck tender wrapped around a chunk of stone fruit like apricot or peach. Or skewer the aiguillette all by itself in an “S” shape, seasoned with your favorite spices, and pan sear or grill for duck yakitori. Allow 3-4 duck tenders per person.

We found Florence in Strasbourg’s  blog with her recipe for yakitori de canard – what a lovely and simple presentation, and beautifully photographed.

yakitoripresentation-7585 (1).jpg
Head to Un Flo de Bonnes Choses for the duck tender yakitori recipe – in French.

Have you ever tried duck tenders? If so, how were they prepared? And if not, are you ready to try them?

Order duck tenders today and let the fun in the kitchen begin!

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