People Are Talking About Duck Leg Confit

We love duck leg confit. There, we admitted it. We consider duck confit fast food at its best. Slow-cooked until tender, it is sold ready-to-eat, so you need very little prep.

cooked confit

Find our recipes for duck leg confit, and also duck rillettes (shredded duck leg confit that is spreadable), a cousin to confit.

What is Confit?

Very simply, it is a French word meaning “preserved.” More specifically, it is a pre-refrigeration strategy for meat preservation. In this case, we are talking about duck leg; meaty, delicious, and cooked in duck fat and aromatics for hours. This makes it tender and helps to preserve the meat.

Traditionally, duck leg confit would be stored in jars of duck fat, with a layer of pork fat on top for good measure. These pots of confit would make it through winter in a cool basement or root cellar. Today it is kept in vacuum-sealed bags in the refrigerator, but the flavor is just as satisfying.

What People Are Saying

Five-star review from Larry in NC, who finds many ways to eat confit.

I serve the legs different ways, sometimes I shred the meat and serve over mixed greens. The great part is that they are already cooked and you can eat them hot or cold.


Five-star review from Karen in MN, who needs to order more!

This confit was absolutely wonderful. I wish I’d ordered more. It was juicy, tender, flavorful. I simply reheated it under the broiler to crisp up the skin. As the package reads, it is precooked and ready to heat/serve.

Duck Leg Confit - Plated

Five-star review from Dillon in CA, who likes to stock up on duck confit. Good idea!

I have had duck leg confit so many times since 2008 – that was my first time ordering gourmet product at D’Artagnan and it was love at the first taste.

It’s very easy to cook (15 min). When I want it to come out very tasty, I would pan fry it using duck fat + peanut oil. When I am conscious of the fat, I simply put it in the oven until it turns crispy, then discard the crispy skin for the pooches (of course, they love it). The meat is still tender regardless. The confit is super tasty, I usually eat it with white rice. It also has a long shelf-life (can be kept frozen without freezer burn). So, it’s very useful for “emergency” food when I don’t feel like cooking but want a tasty meal. I usually buy 6 or 12 leg confit for 4 month supply.



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