Easy Everyday Cooking: Go Around the World with 5 Charcuterie Recipes

Are you cooking with charcuterie? Most likely you use smoked, cured and cooked meats in recipes without much thought. Consider a simple ham-and-cheese sandwich, pizza with sausage, bacon and eggs, melon wrapped in prosciutto – all examples of charcuterie in our daily lives. Charcuterie is a favorite around the world, and below we share 5 recipes with international flavors that you can make at home.

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Charcuterie has been showing up everywhere in recent years. It’s not new to us. At D’Artagnan, we’ve been making charcuterie for more than 30 years, with time-honored techniques, recipes, and all-natural ingredients.

Here are 5 recipes featuring charcuterie with international inspiration. We hope you will try some of them.

1. Smoked Duck Banh Mi Sandwiches

There’s a reason Vietnamese sandwiches have gained popularity & foodie cred – they’ve got layer upon layer of interesting tastes and textures, all nestled into a neat little package. Here’s a version using our smoked duck breast along with creamy, Basque-style mousse and crispy, quick-pickled veggies. Use any light bread that is soft and cottony and not too crunchy on the outside.


Caldo verde, Portugal’s green soup, is healthy, hearty, and super easy to make. Pureeing the potatoes lends creaminess without dairy, adding the greens just before serving keeps the flavor fresh, and our chorizo sausage adds smoky richness.
Basically, this is a French-style pizza. We interpreted Andre Soltner’s famous Tarte Flambée in this satisfying recipe. It’s great for parties; frozen puff pastry makes it easy while salty ventrèche (essentially French pancetta) and luscious crème fraȋche make it irresistible.

4. Duck Wontons with Spicy Hoisin Dipping Sauce

Who needs Chinese takeout? Our rich duck rillettes make a delicious filling for fried dumplings with the addition of a few simple ingredients. Because the filling is completely cooked, these wontons can be assembled ahead of time and quickly fried just before serving.

5. Duck Bacon Carbonara

An easy, rich, creamy and Italian-inspired recipe that’s ready in less than 20 minutes? Yes, please! This easy carbonara is your go-to meal when you want comfort food and you want it now. We used our smoky duck bacon to make this satisfying dish extra-special.


What are your favorite ways to enjoy charcuterie? Explore more charcuterie recipes at dartagnan.com.

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