Not Just for Charcuterie Plates: 3 Ways to Enjoy Smoked Duck Breast

D’Artagnan Smoked Duck Breast may be the best fast food! Keep some in the fridge for those quick weeknight dinners and last-minute lunches.

We’ve done all the work of smoking duck for you (though that is a fun cooking project to try at home), so this piece of tasty charcuterie is ready-to-eat.

Our smoked duck breast—or magret, to use the French—comes from Moulard ducks raised humanely, without antibiotics or hormones. One of our earliest products, it’s still made the same way: over natural hardwood, with no liquid smoke, artificial flavors, preservatives or ingredients.

Smoked duck breast PDP

This all-natural smoked magret is a must for a charcuterie plate. But don’t limit yourself; try it in salads, sandwiches, or tossed in grain and pasta dishes. Here are a few recipes and ideas for enjoying our smoked duck breast.

The easiest way to turn smoked duck breast into a meal is to make a sandwich. Slice duck breast thinly and layer with your favorite accompaniments.

Our Smoked Duck Banh Mi uses our smoked magret with creamy, Basque-style mousse and crispy, quick-pickled veggies. It’s our take on the classic mashup of French and Vietnamese cuisine.


Another way to put a meal together quickly is to make a salad and top it with sliced smoked duck breast. This is especially nice in the summer when you don’t want to heat up the oven.

This Smoked Duck and Cherry Salad recipe with a tangy Dijon vinaigrette will work with most fruit. Adjust them seasonally; try fresh figs and persimmons in the fall and raspberries or blackberries in the spring.


Squash Bisque with Smoked Duck Breast is an aromatic mix of carrots, celery, butternut squash and sweet potato. Tasty on its own, but when crowned with smoked duck breast and pumpkin seed oil, it’s totally sublime.


The three recipes above are a good start to bringing smoked duck breast to the table. Try experimenting and make smoked duck breast ravioli, top a pizza or tarte flambeé with smoked duck, or wrap slices in delicate summer rolls.

Make your favorite grain bowl – freekah, quinoa, buckwheat – and add sliced duck breast for the protein. Nearly any pasta dish will be even  better with the addition of smoked duck breast.

Tell us about how you enjoy eating and cooking with smoked duck breast in the comments. We love to hear new ideas!

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