5 Amazing Mains that Can Replace Turkey at Thanksgiving

Are you looking to serve something different at Thanksgiving this year? Perhaps you are hosting Friendsgiving, giving you a bit more menu freedom. Think outside the turkey with these holiday main picks. Your thankful guests will delight in these alternatives, any of which will make your gathering into a feast.

Ham for the Holidays

Nothing says “holiday” like a glorious glazed ham. Find your perfect holiday centerpiece in our line of all-natural Berkshire hams, which includes an easy-to-serve spiral ham.


At D’Artagnan, we make all of our uncured ham from the famed Berkshire breed pork – also known as Kurobuta pork. We find Berkshire pork the best choice for ham because it offers a nuanced, deep flavor and succulent meat.

Uncured, fully-cooked, and ready-to-eat, our ham is naturally smoked over applewood without nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, or artificial fillers, and is seasoned with sea salt and raw cane sugar. The Berkshire hogs are raised on pasture, with no antibiotics or hormones, by a cooperative of small farms dedicated to humane and sustainable methods.

Roast a Traditional Goose

Since ancient times, a roasted goose on the table has signified a holiday or celebration. Goose is often compared to duck, with similar lean, dark and richly flavored meat – and plenty of rendered fat to use on potatoes.


Our white Embden geese are raised on a small farm in the Mid-West. The geese live in open barns and small flocks until they are six weeks old. From then on, the birds range free in natural pastures with access to fresh spring water, natural light, and fresh air. Their feed consists of corn and soy meal, with added vitamins and minerals. Juicy and distinctively flavored, it’s no wonder that geese are widely held as the best bird for holiday celebrations. Get your goose here.

Consider the Capon

The deliciously juicy, tender and full-breasted capon is a holiday tradition in France and a great alternative for your holiday table.

roast-capon-recipeSpecially raised for us on small family farms in South Dakota that offer a complete farm-to-table audit trail, and focus on best animal welfare practices.

These hefty birds have characteristically white flesh generously marbled with fat, making them a tremendously succulent bird with exceptional flavor and tenderness. Smaller than a turkey, but larger than a standard chicken these birds are perfect for an intimate holiday dinner for two, or up to six. Easy to roast and carve, the capon is a tasty choice for your meal.

Surprise with Succulent Porcelet Shoulder

Known as cochon de lait in French, this type of suckling pig is a culinary tradition and highly-regarded delicacy in many parts of Europe.


Exclusively available at D’Artagnan, Porcelet is the pork equivalent of veal – succulent pork from milk-fed piglets. Our 8-Hour Porcelet Shoulder with Crackling makes an impressive main course and is fairly hands-off (no basting!).  Once you put it in a low oven you’ll have time to make other dishes … or binge-watch a season of Chef’s Table.

Are You Game for Venison?

Venison was almost certainly on the menu at the original feast of Thanksgiving, so it makes sense to serve it today. Venison is both elegant (think the lord of the manor) and rustic (think generations of hunters).

Cervena Venison Rack

Our venison is unlike the hunted venison you may have tried in the past. The deer are raised with humane care on pastures in New Zealand, fed only a controlled grass diet processed at a certain age, and certified by Cervena. The meat is lean yet tender, and not at all gamey. Venison is full of iron, zinc and other vitamins, and is quite flavorful. Venison pairs well with the vegetables of the season: squash, pumpkin, chard, turnips, and any kind of potato. An oven-roasted venison rib rack looks beautiful on a platter, and loin of venison will feed a good-sized group.

Whatever you choose for the holiday, be sure to place your order at dartagnan.com today and select a delivery date right before Thanksgiving to guarantee you get exactly what you want.

Since 1985, D’Artagnan has been at the forefront of the farm-to-table movement, producing superior tasting products by partnering with small ranches and farms. We are committed to free-range, natural production, sustainable and humane farming practices and no use of antibiotics or hormones. That’s why D’Artagnan products have been revered by America’s most renowned chefs for over 30 years. We offer the same high-quality products to home cooks at dartagnan.com, along with recipes and guides to help you live the tasty life.

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