A Simple Venison Chili You’ll Love

For many people, their first venison experience is with ground meat. That’s because most venison is hunted and ground up, frozen, and enjoyed over the winter. Not so with our premium New Zealand venison. Farm raised in nearly wild conditions, the red deer get a diet of nutritious grasses and roam vast, pristine pastures. This…

3 Easy Recipes to Make with Ground Venison Right Now

Have you tried our ground venison yet? Ideal for primal and paleo diets, lean venison meat is a delicious and healthy alternative to other ground meats – and gives you something different for burger night.

Ground Rules: 4 Ways to Make Every Meal Better

Meat our latest grinds. Packed conveniently for home cooks, these fresh grinds offer new options for your best meals. Get creative and bring ground lamb, venison, bison, and Wagyu beef to the table. Read on for details and recipes.

10 Unique Recipes to Make Carnivore Month More Exciting

Let’s get to the meat of the matter. Whether your resolutions took you on a keto, Whole30, paleo or carnivore path, we have great recipes featuring different proteins. Some may be unfamiliar – or occasional treats – to you, but World Carnivore Month is a good time to vary the menu. The simple preparations include classics like bacon-wrapped filet mignon and chicken under a brick, as well as rabbit confit and venison tri-tip. Read on for 10 meat-centric recipes and try something new.  

5 Amazing Mains that Can Replace Turkey at Thanksgiving

Are you looking to serve something different at Thanksgiving this year? Perhaps you are hosting Friendsgiving, giving you a bit more menu freedom. Think outside the turkey with these holiday main picks. Your thankful guests will delight in these alternatives, any of which will make your gathering into a feast. 

5 Recipes That Will Make You Think Venison is the New Beef

Is venison in your dinner plans? If not, it should be! This red meat is lean, flavorful and can replace beef – we’ve got 5 versatile venison recipes to prove it. Plus, venison is the perfect choice for health-minded meals and those who like game meat. Read on for 5 diverse recipes that include super-easy…

Bored with Beef? Meet 3 Cuts to Shake Up Your Grill Routine

Just in time for grilling season, we are offering three new cuts of venison. What?! Venison on the grill? You bet. If you’re not grilling this lean red meat, you are definitely missing out. Our Cervena venison is perfect for the grill for several reasons (see below). So surprise everyone with something unexpected – and utterly…

Venison is What’s On the Menu

Venison – the other red meat – is getting some attention this season. And venison deserves it. This lean and flavorful meat makes a great alternative to beef any time of the year but seems to get noticed most during game season. This week NPR ran a piece about venison being in both top restaurants and…

10 Tasty Turkey Alternatives for Thanksgiving Dinner

Are you looking for something different to serve other than traditional turkey? Friendsgiving celebrations are a good place to try a new main and we have ten delectable ideas that will make your gathering into a feast. Your thankful guests will delight in these alternatives, all of which are perfect for the center of your holiday meal.

Eat More Venison: The Other Red Meat

Men’s Health Magazine took notice of our venison recently, which they consider the best red meat. Not beef, not lamb – but venison. Lean and hearty without being gamey, full of nutrients and flavor, with unexpected tenderness … our venison is something special. Read on for more about our venison and how to cook with it.

The Gift of Steak

Do you have a hardcore carnivore with a taste for quality on your list? This is your – and their – lucky year, because our new Steak Gift Boxes offer beef so tasty that they will stop talking and start chewing. You want to give a memorable gift, not the run-of-the-mill steaks available all over the internet…