5 Amazing Mains that Can Replace Turkey at Thanksgiving

Are you looking to serve something different at Thanksgiving this year? Perhaps you are hosting Friendsgiving, giving you a bit more menu freedom. Think outside the turkey with these holiday main picks. Your thankful guests will delight in these alternatives, any of which will make your gathering into a feast. 

10 Tasty Turkey Alternatives for Thanksgiving Dinner

Are you looking for something different to serve other than traditional turkey? Friendsgiving celebrations are a good place to try a new main and we have ten delectable ideas that will make your gathering into a feast. Your thankful guests will delight in these alternatives, all of which are perfect for the center of your holiday meal.

Make a Pheasant Feast

Since ancient times pheasant has held an honored place at the table. When was the last time you had pheasant on your table? Consider it for a smaller Thanksgiving feast; one pheasant serves two people. We offer our farm-raised domestic pheasants year-round, but if it’s game season then try our Wild Scottish Pheasant coming in from…

9 Turkey Alternatives that Rock

When it comes to tradition, nobody will dispute the place that turkey has on the Thanksgiving table. But for those who don’t care for this fine fowl, or those who are feeding a small gathering, there are delicious options. Read on for several turkey alternatives for your holiday meal. 1. Go for a Goose Another…