Make a Memorable Christmas Feast with One of These Recipes

What should you serve for Christmas dinner? Whether your family has a taste for turkey, goose, lamb or ham, there’s something here for everyone. These seven recipes are festive and just right for serving convivial holiday gatherings. Read on and plan your holiday meal.

5 Amazing Mains that Can Replace Turkey at Thanksgiving

Are you looking to serve something different at Thanksgiving this year? Perhaps you are hosting Friendsgiving, giving you a bit more menu freedom. Think outside the turkey with these holiday main picks. Your thankful guests will delight in these alternatives, any of which will make your gathering into a feast. 

This is Why You Should Make Capon for the Holidays

For one thing, we have Chef Eric Ripert’s favorite holiday recipe … which is roasted capon. This recipe is not only easy to make but has a hint of holiday luxury with the addition of truffles and duck fat. It’s also an homage to his grandmother who made stuffed capon for every special occasion meal.  Read on for…

10 Tasty Turkey Alternatives for Thanksgiving Dinner

Are you looking for something different to serve other than traditional turkey? Friendsgiving celebrations are a good place to try a new main and we have ten delectable ideas that will make your gathering into a feast. Your thankful guests will delight in these alternatives, all of which are perfect for the center of your holiday meal.

Roasted Capon for the Holidays

Capon: the super chicken. A capon is a rooster that is gelded at a young age, and raised until it’s between 8 and 12 pounds. With its large size and broad breast, capon makes the perfect holiday bird; in fact it’s quite common to find roasted capon at the Christmas table in both France and…