10 Recipes for Classic Thanksgiving Sides Made Better

The turkey may be the center of the Thanksgiving meal, but the side dishes make it a feast. There are classics that everyone expects to see, like stuffing, mashed potatoes, and green beans. We’ve made these favorites even better with some of our signature ingredients (we call them holiday helpers). Read on for ten tasty recipes. 

5 Amazing Mains that Can Replace Turkey at Thanksgiving

Are you looking to serve something different at Thanksgiving this year? Perhaps you are hosting Friendsgiving, giving you a bit more menu freedom. Think outside the turkey with these holiday main picks. Your thankful guests will delight in these alternatives, any of which will make your gathering into a feast. 

How to Choose a Turkey for Your Thanksgiving Table

There are a lot of turkeys available for your Thanksgiving dinner. Which one is right for you? No matter which you choose, all D’Artagnan turkeys come from small farms that raise the birds free-range, with care, and no antibiotics or hormones. Read on to learn about the turkeys we offer at D’Artagnan. 

5 Recipes that will Absolutely Make Your Easter Brunch

Just right for Easter brunch, these recipes bring eggs, ham, lamb, and chicken to the table in unexpected ways. Perfect for serving a holiday gathering, they are equally suited to brunch throughout the year. Read on for the recipes and find your new favorite. 

What is Turkey Brining? And Should You Do It?

When it comes to preparing Thanksgiving turkeys, there are two camps: the briners and the anti-briners. Which one are you? What is brining anyway? Simply submerging meat in a solution of salt and water for many hours before cooking. This enhances the meat’s ability to retain moisture and tenderness while seasoning it. Of course, when…

4 Ways to Roast Leg of Lamb for Christmas

When was the last time you ate lamb?  Did you know that it’s one of the most popular meats in England, Australia, Greece and the Middle East?  In the United States we eat a paltry annual average of one pound of lamb per person, in comparison to the almost 40 pounds consumed by each person…

7 Stellar Thanksgiving Sides

It’s that time of year again, when you trot out the tried-and-true recipes for Thanksgiving dinner. Is there an adventurous part of you that wants to shake things up and try something new? It can be tricky at Thanksgiving, because someone is going to want Grandma’s stuffing or those familiar mushy Brussels sprouts. Here are…