The Whole Foie Gras Duck

Ariane was honored to be a guest lecturer at the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC.  Ariane is committed to educating and supporting the next generation of chefs, and she enjoys going to culinary schools to share her experience and wisdom. This time she demonstrated breaking down a whole duck – with the foie gras inside – and talked about the uses for each part.

The beak-to-tail philosophy means that we eat the whole duck, and waste nothing. From duck breast to duck leg confit, duck pâtémousse, and duck fat … we enjoy every tasty bit.  The liver may be the big prize, but every part is valued. Even the bones are used to make demi-glace.

Ariane starts with the whole duck, foie gras and all.
Ariane starts with the whole duck, foie gras and all.

Ariane cutting the breast off the duck.
Ariane cutting the breast off the duck. This is known as duck magret.
With all the parts butchered down … and the foie gras, of course.
The lobe of foie gras.
The lobe of foie gras, fresh from the duck.
Foie gras terrine preparation.
Foie gras terrine preparation – it is poached in a water bath.

If you want to make a classic terrine of foie gras like Ariane, start with a lobe of foie gras and follow her recipe.

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