Best Chicken Ever: The NYT Review of Le Coq Rico

Congratulations to Chef Antoine Westermann and his team at Le Coq Rico: The Bistro of Beautiful Birds for a 2-star review in the New York Times!

We are proud to play a part in this delicious story. Chef Antoine is very meticulous, and spent a long time working with us to procure the ideal chicken for his first restaurant in New York City. We collaborated closely with him and our chicken farmers to raise heritage breeds to exacting standards, on specific diets, for longer periods of time than the industry standard. The result is a unique chicken that tastes better than the average bird … much better. It certainly belongs in The Bistro of Beautiful Birds.

Read the entire review to find out how Le Coq Rico serves our squab and foie gras, as well as the crowning glory: the perfect chicken. And then plan your visit.

Le Coq Rico Review NY TIMESHere is one of the behind-the-scenes photos from Chef Antoine’s first visit to our office for a chicken tasting. See more in our earlier blog post.

l-r: Pierre Moreira, The Westermanns, Ariane, Robert Arbor

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