Top 5 Easter Main Dishes

What are you serving on Easter?  We have some classic, fresh spring preparations for family favorites like heritage ham, lamb, and rabbit.


1. What is Easter without the seasonal favorite: leg of lamb? Our recipe is made with a grass-fed, bone-in leg of lamb with fresh herbs, a ruby port sauce and just a hint of truffle butter. It’s simple to make and impressive on the table.


2.  Looking for a lamb recipe that offers ease of carving? Our boneless leg of lamb is rolled and tied for even roasting, and dressed with a bright, minty gremolata.


3. The glorious ham. Our heritage breed pork is naturally smoked over real applewood to make this succulent ham, a favorite at any holiday gathering. With a simple apricot-ginger glaze, this  recipe will give your ham a golden, sticky and delicious finish. Another tempting option is our spiced orange marmalade glaze.


4. Roasted 10-rib rack of Berkshire pork. This most succulent pork rack is ideal for a family feast. With our simple rub – smoked paprika, garlic, cayenne and black pepper, and a little sugar – the hardest work is in the frenching.


5. Rabbit pot de Provence. This recipe calls for one rabbit to serve four people, but you can easily double it for a larger gathering. It’s a rustic rabbit stew, richly perfumed with the flavors of southern France: sweet peppers, fennel, tomatoes and black olives in an aromatic anise-flavored broth.


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