How to Best Enjoy Your Springtime Farmers Market Haul

Are you enjoying the first greens from the farmers market? Fresh ramps with dirt still clinging to their roots, coiled garlic scapes and crisp fava beans are all signs that spring is here. Depending on your location, some of these early seasonal greens will be available now – or soon! Read on for the perfect proteins to make your farmers market haul into a meal.

What’s Cooking on Instagram?

The short answer is: rabbit. Are you following us on Instagram? We love to see what’s cooking – in both pro and home kitchens. We noticed some lovely rabbit dishes being posted by our chefs and clients, and we wanted to share them with you. Join and follow us on Instagram to see fresh cuts like these…

Rabbit: The Other White Meat

The big question: why don’t Americans eat more rabbit? Is it because they are cute and fuzzy? Or because some people keep them as pets? In fact, we are eating more rabbit now than at any other time since World War II. But that’s still not a lot, compared to European countries, and it’s a…

Top 5 Easter Main Dishes

What are you serving on Easter?  We have some classic, fresh spring preparations for family favorites like heritage ham, lamb, and rabbit.

Reasons to Eat Rabbit

Before you get all weak in the knees and start humming a Disney tune, let’s examine the facts about eating rabbit meat. Rabbit meat is tender, lean, delicious and as versatile as chicken, to which it can also be compared in taste. The Italians and French eat rabbit the way Americans eat chicken, which is…