7 Mushroom Recipes to Make When You’re in the Mood for Comfort

We love all the mushrooms, from ethereal maitake to sturdy shiitake and wild-foraged morels – for only a few weeks each spring. But our everyday favorite is actually a mix of cultivated organic mushrooms that every fan of fungi should have. Here at 7 ways to bring more of these marvelous mushrooms into your meals.

4 Reasons You’ll Want to Make Truffle Butter Béchamel

How about some creamy, truffley and mushroom-rich comfort food? Yeah, we thought so. We’ve found that a béchamel sauce made with black truffle butter is the perfect companion to mushrooms. Read on for the proof in the recipes below.

You’ll Love these 7 Easy Mushroom Recipes for Summer Entertaining

Make mushrooms a part of your party plans this summer with our fun and easy recipes. Mushrooms may not be first on your list this season, but these dishes will show you they have a lot to offer grilling and backyard parties. Read on for 7 recipes you’ll want to bookmark. 

The Top 10 Ways to Get More Mushrooms in Your Diet

Do you love mushrooms? So do we! From feathery maitake to sturdy shiitake mushrooms, there is something for every fan of fungi at dartagnan.com. Our online selection of organic cultivated and wild foraged mushrooms is the same quality that our chef clients use in their restaurants. Read on for our 10 favorite mushroom recipes, and order yourself some mushrooms! 

5 Savory Baked Goods to Make Your Summer Picnics Happier

Why compromise your food game simply because you are eating outside? Any outdoor summer meal, from the backyard table to a blanket on the grass, will benefit from the addition of a savory baked good. Even if you’re glamping, these recipes can be made ahead and packed in the cooler for a rustic and chic meal….

Eating for Health: Are Mushrooms Powerful Medicine?

There are over 2,000 species of edible mushrooms on the planet, though most people can name just a handful. While we do love cooking with them, mushrooms are more than just delicious ingredients for umami-rich dishes. In Eastern medicine mushrooms have been used for centuries as curatives. Now the West is catching on and turning to…

6 Marvelous Mushroom Recipes for Fall

We love mushrooms! If you do, too, have a look at these recipes. Easy, tasty, and filled with mushrooms, they are sure to inspire you to cook something new. You may notice that all of these recipes contain either cheese or cream; that’s because mushrooms and cheese are a match made in heaven. Whether a…

Try this Mushroom Quiche with Truffle Butter Crust Recipe Today

September is National Mushroom Month, and we’re celebrating with this creamy quiche. Our organic exotic mushrooms, Gouda, and fresh herbs are packed into a black truffle butter short crust in this easy quiche recipe. Make this a day ahead for a quick brunch or supper. Serve the French way: alongside salad greens with a bright vinaigrette….

Meet the Mushrooms: Morels

We have expanded our mushroom offerings at dartagnan.com to include some of our chef favorites. While organic cultivated mushrooms make up the majority of our catalog, we also offer wild-foraged mushrooms in season. These fresh mushrooms are sure to find their way into many of your cooking adventures.

The Power of Pasta: 7 Recipes

There is no denying the allure of pasta. With seemingly infinite shapes and sizes, there is pasta for every need. From homemade to store-bought, pasta is always welcome at the table, no matter what the season. When we cook pasta, we like to play with ingredients like duck bacon and foie gras, truffles and truffle…

More Mushrooms, Please

If you’re wild about mushrooms like we are, here’s a polenta recipe to try. It’s simple to make, offers a satisfying umami flavor, and is a perfect dish for the transition to spring. Make sure you get our Organic Chef’s Mix Mushrooms, which offers a variety of our top-selling mushrooms in a convenient 1 lb….

What We’re Eating in Early Autumn

We love the beginning of the fall season because it marks a return to the kitchen. It’s a transitional period; warm enough to keep the charcoals burning in the grill outside, but cool enough to inspire visions of braised and roasted meats. So as the season officially begins, let’s plan what we’ll cook this fall….