The Power of Pasta: 7 Recipes

There is no denying the allure of pasta. With seemingly infinite shapes and sizes, there is pasta for every need. From homemade to store-bought, pasta is always welcome at the table, no matter what the season. When we cook pasta, we like to play with ingredients like duck bacon and foie gras, truffles and truffle butter, mushrooms, and more. The neutral palate gives you plenty of room to explore.

Here are 7 of our favorite pasta recipes … we hope you will try some of them at home.

1. Duck Bacon Carbonara

Rich, creamy, and ready in less than 20 minutes? Yes, please! This easy carbonara is your go-to meal when you want comfort food and you want it now. You could use any bacon, but our smoky duck bacon makes this satisfying dish extra special.


2. Spicy Veal Osso Buco with Cumin Strozzapreti

This is a veal recipe, but the pasta – the strozzapreti, or “priest strangler” – is a key part of the dish. Hand-rolling the pasta results in the delightful irregular shape, and it’s worth the extra time. The spicy osso buco is meltingly tender and full of flavor, too. Some crusty bread will come in handy for spreading on the luscious bone marrow and soaking up that silky sauce.

Yes, orzo is a rice-shaped pasta. This decadent recipe comes together quickly and makes a great side dish for lamb, pork, chicken, or veal. Applewood smoked bacon complements our favorite spring produce, fresh fava beans and morel mushrooms, while lemon zest and black truffle butter add layers of flavor.


4. Artichoke, Foie Gras & Truffle Stuffed Pasta

Inspired by a dish at Le Bristol Restaurant in Paris, this recipe, by blogger Deana Sidney, features truffled foie gras and artichokes all wrapped in lasagne pasta with a creamy sauce. Easy to achieve, impressive to serve.


5. Creamy Pasta with Black Truffles

When black truffles are available, make this recipe. This luxurious pasta requires only 4 ingredients, 1 pan, and 15 minutes to prepare. It’s kitchen alchemy at its best – a little pasta water and triple-cream soft cheese creates a silky sauce that’s the perfect canvas for heady black truffle.


6. Pasta Salad with Roasted Cauliflower, Olives & Saucisson Sec

Some like it cold. This pasta salad will go to picnics, potlucks, or serve as a summery supper or brown-bag lunch. The salty bite of saucisson sec works well with roasted cauliflower, fresh herbs and oil-cured olives.


7. Pasta with Foie Gras & Wild Mushrooms

This is so easy to make, and it satisfies that foie gras craving. The recipe uses our affordable foie gras cubes, trimmed from grade-A livers, for a dreamy dish. A big hit at D’Artagnan tasting events, this recipe also features our mushrooms and black truffle butter.
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  1. Lee F says:

    I’m drooling just reading the names of these recipes. Drawing up list now to start trying them. You have wonderful suggestions every time I check the blog. Glad I signed on.

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