After You Read This You’ll Definitely Want a Cobb Salad

The Cobb is one of America’s favorite salads. But who made the first Cobb salad? And when? Is there a single person responsible for combining all those unlikely ingredients?  Read on for the fun back story, and our recipe to make your own Cobb salad, which we believe is the perfect summer meal.

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Just right for Easter brunch, these recipes bring eggs, ham, lamb, and chicken to the table in unexpected ways. Perfect for serving a holiday gathering, they are equally suited to brunch throughout the year. Read on for the recipes and find your new favorite. 

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7 Fast and Easy Snacks That Will Make Your Day

We know that snacking makes for a happier day, so here are 7 recipes for some of our favorite and easy-to-make snack foods. With charcuterie and truffle butter on hand, you are always ready to make a satisfying nibble.

5 Main Dishes Sure to Impress Your Date on Valentine’s Day 

Are you planning to make dinner for two on Valentine’s Day? We applaud you! There’s nothing more romantic than a home-cooked meal. Read on for 5 easy – but impressive – main dishes that will help make your night a special one. Order the ingredients you need at and plan your perfect Valentine’s Day meal. 

5 Easy Veal Recipes that You Can Make on a Weeknight

Looking for quick and tasty weeknight dinner? Keeping a resolution to cook more meals at home isn’t always easy, but these veal recipes will help. Treat yourself with our exclusive French veal – arguably the most humane veal in the world – and only available at D’Artagnan. Read on for the recipes … Learn more…

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5 Low-Carb Recipes for Easy Weeknight Dinners

Are you eating a low-carb or keto diet? It goes without saying that we are pretty heavy into protein ourselves (just look at our website!). Following a very specific dietary regime can mean a lot of prep time in the kitchen, but we’ve got some tasty low-carb recipes you can cook quickly on weeknights. Enjoy these…