Simple No-Cook Solutions for Heat-Wave Meals

What do you eat during a heat wave? No-cook choices are best and we have some great options and ideas. Step away from the stove and read on for our suggestions.

Chill with Seafood

Our fully cooked octopus is a great addition to almost any type of salad, whether leafy greens, chopped tomato and onion, or citrus. It can be enjoyed simply, right from the package, dressed with olive oil, smoked paprika, and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Or, keep your cool with smoked salmon on avocado toast or the bread of your choice. Raw applications like ceviche and tartare can be made with tuna, salmon, or scallops and are the ideal choice for hot summer nights.

Free-Range Grazing

When it’s too hot to cook, try ready-to-eat charcuterie. Pair cured ham, pâté, mousse, duck rillettes and confit (we even have chicken confit for the duck averse) with bread or crackers, cheese, and fruits and vegetables. A grazing board for two (or ten) is a fitting way to enjoy the produce from the farmers market or your backyard garden. Pickles, chutney, nuts, olives and even potato salad, hummus, or coleslaw can round out the casual meal.

Make a Sandwich

Not just for lunch, the noble sandwich can make a hearty meal on a hot night. Our ready-to-eat smoked duck breast is the ideal protein for an interesting sandwich, like this banh mi with quick-pickled vegetables, and a generous swath of our creamy mousse Basquaise.

From cured ham to sliced pate or velvety duck rillettes, we have lots of charcuterie choices for epic sandwiches.

Wrap It Up

Our Jambon de Bayonne or Serrano ham is the perfect addition to cheese and charcuterie boards, and pairs well with ripe tomatoes and mozzarella. Ribbons of cured ham can be wrapped around sliced fruit and melon, asparagus, bread sticks, chunks of Manchego cheese … what else can this wrap star do?

Explore all our charcuterie and seafood and find a new favorite for heat-wave meals.

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