8 Ways to Make Comfort Food with a French Accent

Parlez-vous cassoulet?  With these recipes, you’ll get fluent in French comfort food, from simple lentil soup to classic cassoulet. There’s something for every taste with chicken and duck confit to veal and beef short ribs. Read on for the recipes.

4 Reasons You’ll Want to Make Truffle Butter Béchamel

How about some creamy, truffley and mushroom-rich comfort food? Yeah, we thought so. We’ve found that a béchamel sauce made with black truffle butter is the perfect companion to mushrooms. Read on for the proof in the recipes below.

10 Ways to Eat Like You’re in a French Bistro

The French bistro is a unique type of restaurant, known for modest prices, and simple menus featuring home-style favorites like coq au vin, cassoulet, pâté, and steak frites. Bistros are half-bar, half-restaurant and offer a cozy place for locals to gather and engage in lively conversation. Want to eat like you’re at a French bistro?…

This Slow Cooker Recipe Will Make You Want Wild Boar

Did you know January is National Slow Cooker Month? While it’s always a good time to crank up the slow cooker, we find it especially comforting in winter. Read on for a game-changing slow-cooked wild boar recipe that may well become your new favorite. Shop wild boar meat at dartagnan.com and discover a whole new…

No Regrets: 3 Easy & Cheesy Comfort Food Recipes to Make Today

We call it comfort food for a reason. When you need to eat something that satisfies more than just your hunger, turn to one of our creamy recipes below. They are each easy to make and feature cheese prominently. There’s also plenty of truffle butter … because that’s how we roll. We recommend keeping a 1 pound…

Sunshine in a Bowl: Basque-Style Chicken with Chorizo Recipe

Make this saucy dish for a bright splash any day of the year – it’s like sunshine in a bowl! This comforting Basque-style chicken is quickly braised with peppers, onions, tomatoes, and chorizo sausage. The distinctive piment d’Espelette featured in this recipe is a flavor booster with plenty of authentic charm.  Learn more about this…

Cold Weather Cooking: The Best Braised Brisket Recipe

When the temperature drops outside, crank up the oven for a satisfying braise. The kitchen gets warm and cozy, the aroma fills the house, and you get something delicious to eat. It’s the most reasonable way to combat the cold. There’s nothing easier than this classic recipe, in which our Angus beef brisket is slow-cooked…

8 of Our Favorite French Comfort Food Recipes

With all the duck fat, cheese, cream, butter, and bread, French cuisine is a treasure trove of comfort food recipes. Thick sauces, satisfying stews, and long braises, not to mention potatoes, all have a place in the comfort food hall of fame. Read on for eight comforting classics that are easy to master and perfect for winter cooking projects.

The Chicken Confit Pot Pie You’ll Be Making All Season

We have a new product – chicken leg confit – so we’ve been playing in the kitchen. Just like our popular duck leg confit, it’s fully-cooked, tender as can be, and perfect for a variety of recipes. Chicken confit cuts out the step of roasting a chicken and makes for succulent, flavorful filling in this recipe….