10 Ways to Eat Like You’re in a French Bistro

The French bistro is a unique type of restaurant, known for modest prices, and simple menus featuring home-style favorites like coq au vin, cassoulet, pâté, and steak frites. Bistros are half-bar, half-restaurant and offer a cozy place for locals to gather and engage in lively conversation. Want to eat like you’re at a French bistro? Read on for 10 recipes you can easily make at home.

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1. D’Artagnan Jambon-Beurre

This is less of a recipe and more of a tasty suggestion. If you’ve been to Paris, you’ve no doubt had a simple lunch of jambon-beurre. This is our version using authentic French-style bistro ham, black truffle butter, and creamy Camembert (for extra credit).


2. Mushroom Tarte Tatin with Honey & Goat Cheese

This rustic tarte tatin is super easy to make, and a classic of bistros. Mushrooms and sweet shallots are paired with buttery puff pastry and a little goat cheese is added for a tart bite.

Mushroom Tarte Tatin Cut Open

3. Asparagus, Bacon & Egg Salad

Typical of the simple fare at a bistro, this tasty salad recipe is topped with poached eggs, fresh asparagus & crispy bacon. Perfect for your next brunch, lunch, or even dinner.


4. Mushroom Croque Monsieur with Truffle Butter Bechamel

Sautéed exotic mushrooms are smothered in truffle butter béchamel and two types of melty cheese in this twist on the classic bistro sandwich. Perfect for lunch or a light supper, serve with cornichons and dressed baby greens. Or top with a fried egg for an upgraded croque madame.


5. Poussins au Riesling

Much like its cousin, coq au vin, this dish of braised baby chicken with white wine, mushrooms, and bacon is supremely comforting. Serve with mashed Yukon golds and a nice salad for the perfect cozy meal.


6. Mushroom & Cheese Quiche with Truffle Butter Crust

Our organic exotic mushrooms, creamy Gouda, and fresh herbs are packed into a black truffle butter shortcrust in this easy quiche recipe. Make this a day ahead for a quick brunch or supper. Serve the French way: alongside salad greens with a bright vinaigrette.

quiche blog alt 1

7. Duck Fat French Fries

Make the ultimate french fries with duck fat. Our duck fat frites recipe yields golden and crispy fries with creamy and fluffy centers. A bistro classic.


8. Duck Confit & Porcini Shepherd’s Pie

Known as hachis Parmentier, shepherd’s pie is a French bistro favorite. Our easy-to-make recipe with duck confit is classic comfort food that makes for an incredible meal.


9. Veal Medallions with Roquefort Sauce

This simple veal dish is old school in the best way. Tender veal is pan-seared then finished in a shallow simmer of white wine and shallots. A good measure of cream and bleu cheese create a velvety sauce that feels indulgent but comes together in minutes. This preparation is equally delicious with pork chops or boneless rabbit loins.

veal bleu recipe

10. Easy Rabbit Rillettes

To make rillettes, meat is usually cooked in an aromatic mixture of stock and fat for a very long time before being shredded and enriched with more fat. Here’s our shortcut version for mild and tasty rabbit rillettes using our easy recipe for rabbit leg confit.


Which of these recipes are you going to try first? Tell us in the comments.

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