These 5 Easy Recipes Will Make You Want to Cook Now

Happy Spring! It’s time to transition out of heavy braised dishes and into something lighter … but no less satisfying. Here are some recipes that will help make the season a bit more delicious, from roasted poussin to juicy turkey burgers.

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1. Roast Poussin with Garlic & Herb Crème Fraîche

Try this simple recipe for chicken roasted in crème fraîche, herbs, garlic and lemon. It makes a great weeknight meal alongside your favorite steamed veggies.


2. Pork Schnitzel

This easy recipe for pork schnitzel – breaded pork cutlets pan-fried in duck fat – makes a simple and delicious supper, served with lemon and your favorite aioli.


3. Pan-Seared Veal Chops with Citrus-Herb Butter

These juicy veal chops cook quickly, and if you make the citrus-herb butter ahead of time, the dish is perfect for a weeknight dinner, although it feels much more special.


4. Chicken with Pancetta, Mushrooms & White Wine Sauce

Chicken thighs, mushrooms, and French pancetta create quite the comforting dish when slow-cooked in a creamy white wine sauce. It’s our version of Coq au Riesling. Serve with mashed potatoes and crusty bread for a rustic, satisfying supper.


5. Pesto Turkey Burger

Turkey burgers don’t have to be dry and flavorless. In this easy recipe, we dressed them up with two types of pesto, lots of herbs, radish sprouts, Havarti, and avocado. The pesto not only adds flavor but helps to keep the turkey moist.


We are waiting for ramps, fiddlehead ferns, white asparagus, morels, and other seasonal treats. What does spring put you in the mood for eating?

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